Spiritual Awakening in the Heaven of                  Self Realization


 And How You Can Experience It Too

When we seek to know to a whole other level of consciousness the true pure spirit essence of who we truly are, in essence we are seeking Self Realization. In Self Realization we come to know that we are not our physical body, nor our astral body. We are not our thoughts or mental body, nor the planet we come from. We are not the profession we work, nor our outer appearance and we find we are not our past lives.

We come to realize that we are Soul, an eternal, divine spark of God.  From my understanding I have experienced through a progression of many spiritual awakenings in many heavenly planes it begins with Out-of-body travel to an even higher plane, a little known heavenly World far beyond matter, energy, time and space.

In this article you will discover that you can experience Self Realization sooner than you think if you are willing to let go of pride and let divine spirit steer the ship of the Soul.

After nearly 20 years of practicing out-of-body travel without becoming spiritually free, I finally met a true VARDAN Spiritual Traveler who is an expert in out-of-body Tuza (Soul) travel (not to be confused with astral projection) and discovered what I had long searched for.


I did out-of-body travel with the Spiritual Traveler’s guidance to different levels of heaven. And finally I learned that this level of freedom could be more than a dream but a reality. We often read of people of every faith and belief journeying to heaven. Many let us peer into the window of their illuminations or NDE of leaving their body to go to heaven. In a similar way but while awake I moved in the natural method of the saints past the vast heavens of cosmic consciousness.

The heavens of Cosmic Consciousness contain a mixture of psychic and spiritual elements or matter and spirit. They are the heavenly planes of duality: light and dark, good and evil, mountains and valleys.  Cosmic Consciousness itself can be spiritually very impressive as the individual may express universal love for all life, a sense of the cosmic plan and oneness throughout the lower worlds.  The Soul in cosmic consciousness may have the ability to read past lives or perform magic miracles by manipulating the creation principle of the universal mind power, an entity sometimes mistaken for God.  But in spite of all appearances the heaven of cosmic consciousness although it can be beautiful it is not yet the heaven of self realization.

In those various planes we utilize different bodies.  Many are familiar with the astral body, a glowing body that sparkles like diamonds and some mistake it for Soul. The astral body is the emotional body as the astral plane is the heaven of emotions. We have these various bodies which are like protective sheaths that protect Soul from the course vibrations of the lower worlds (lower heavens).

But not everyone has explored out of body travel to yet higher heavens to experience the other bodies such as the Causal body which is even finer. This is used with in the Causal plane which is the heaven where one experiences the Akashic Records to see the past and future.  It is the memory body of Soul. Then beyond this is the heavenly home of most founders of religions.  The mental body dwells with in this mental plane. The ability for thought to manifest is fast on the astral plane but even swifter on the mental plane. There is so little matter and time on the mental plane and there are regions of such great light and magical phenomena that Soul assumes it has reached self-realization or even God itself.  According to the travelers it has in actuality reached a state of evolution called Cosmic Consciousness.

spiritual image

It is here that often many a Soul remains stuck like a leaf encased in ice in the arctic in what the Spiritual Travelers call “Dwellers on the Threshold”. Meaning in his great confidence in spiritual advancement and dogma the Soul does not recognize the traveler nor does it move on to the next evolutionary phase of spiritual evolution called Self Realization.  This is often because the Soul in its advancement assumes he is a Master, a teacher of all things spiritual. Soul in its confidence feels that it already has self-realization and nothing further is required.  The astral and mental planes are a mixture of wisdom and illusion and for this reason the strong Maya (illusion) of this realm of heavenly sights keeps the Soul from realizing he is not yet free or self realized even though he appears to be.   In the lower worlds however contrary to popular opinion astral realization and cosmic consciousness are not yet Self Realization. Even though one can clearly see the evolution of soul, spiritual consciousness and abilities that arise with in us when we reach this plane.   They are evolutionary steps that eventually lead to self-realization if Soul will pursue many more spiritual awakenings with the help of a true spiritual Traveler. Doing so is extremely rare.

In order to make this leap of faith and discovery to higher states of spiritual evolution it is necessary to go far beyond anything we have heard of before and trust divine spirit ITSELF.  The masses are not ready for higher states of consciousness but rather the adventurous individual who desires to be an eternal coworker with God more then he desires the false riches of the lower heavens. 

In this way I had a “Matrix” like experience and my reality was shattered like glass as I realized that the spiritual reality or new age religion I build my life upon was only a larger although more beautiful prison in the lower worlds.  I was  in Maya (illusion) even thought I thought that I was on the ultimate path to freedom.   I had to break free from the pack or social consciousness where spirit speaks to Soul within the confines of its chosen  dogma and instead go the way of divine spirit that is fluid or to what Frost called, “the road less traveled by”.

In this out of body Soul movement: Soul as a pure radiance of light was suddenly encompassed by an indescribable world of white light and sparkling sound. This little known level of heaven called the Soul Plane or Atma Lok is the first heaven of Self Realization. Here all senses of the lower worlds (lower heavens) are left in the regions below. The mind is left behind, the psychic faculties of clairvoyance and so forth are left in the astral plane.

Instead we perceive as pure Soul with seeing, knowing and being..total awareness.  It is here that the individual becomes awakened in spirit and hence in conscious partnership with God.

The lower heavens can give the illusion of having No matter or time but one can it is still present. Far beyond those worlds the Soul plane is the realm of no matter but only pure spirit.   In the distance I began seeing a glowing presence of enormous light. Waves of light rolled from this presence like a shock wave of light that echoed out into eternity. In this heaven I had a knowingness that  I am a pure glowing particle of God. A radiance of light and sound destined to wake up yet again to deeper and deeper uncharted levels of spiritual evolution to the road to return to God.

This presence of Great Light, Sat Nam who glowed like a sun spoke wordlessly in impressions, “There are layers upon layers like a cloak of illusions that shield you from a vision of your true God Self.  A Soul is a happy entity weighed down by these bodies.  Once you realize what you are not, you begin to realize what you ARE. You are the VARDAN (divine spirit).”

He continued, “Just as the cloud saturated with water vapor is, you must be saturated with the VARDAN (spirit, light and sound) and the Master. Your consciousness filled with it and then you become this sound and greater light yourself.”

He continued,“…The Sailor keeps his eyes to the North star. Always he steers his ship by this light, knowing it will guide him home…”

“God, Divine Spirit, and the Spiritual Traveler is your North Star that you fix your inner eye on to steer your spiritual vessel and life towards it.  We always fix our sights to this star… the Traveler…guiding us to these higher spheres.”

In the M.E.S.T. heavens there are a sea of voices: Gurus, Celebrity Authors, light beings, teachers and individuals all offering a different route to the spiritual.  Some do not take note that the Teacher can only take us the the level of heaven which he himself resides.  It is up to us to discern which route to follow and which route leads to what destination.  

Self Realization or to become chosen is not for the impossibly perfect few but for those that choose themselves. Self Realization from my view point begins when we realize the God Self. It begins by as the “Star Wars” sage Yoda said, “You must unlearn, what you have learned.”

Why would Yoda say this? It is because it is common knowledge that Soul often builds around itself a fortress of ideas and divine spirit itself following the law of non-interference can only speak to us though that which we allow.

This is why those open to angels will be spoken to with angels and those open to speaking with saints will be spoken to with saints. Our fortress of ideas keeps us from self-realization if we do not allow divine spirit to show us more then we already know. This is why self realization is rare.

This is much like the ancient saying that the cup emptied can be filled with greater levels of divine spirit.  When we reach this point of wisdom which occurs again and again on the spiritual fast track, VARDAN Spiritual Travelers can help the individual learn the ancient science of out of body Tuza travel to step through the threshold to Gnothi Sauton, “knowing thyself”. Self Realization and God Realization waits for us on the other side.

By- Sra Heather Giamboi                                                                                                              http://www.VARDANKAR.com


Side Note- Part of the experience above was an excerpt from Heather Giamboi of VARDANKAR’s the book The HURAY Galactica retitled Thousands of Visits to Heaven and the Heart of God.. If you would like a copy of HURAY Galactica on Pubslush go to huraygalactica.pubslush.com. The first ten individuals from Light Workers World to support the HURAY Galactica book will get a gift from Heather, a copy of the 19 chapter Audio book (recorded by the Authors) for free. Blessings.

HURAY GALACTICA Allen Feldman and Heather Giamboi






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