What Is A Light Worker?  

miracles  g plus - CopyThe purpose of this website is to provide a beautiful collection of articles, ideas, events, & healthy input for living a passionate life. Through inspiring messages, uplifting films, cutting edge TV programs, positive energy, and powerful live events, we are here to awaken, empower and assist you with your mission here on Earth. 

You may be wondering what a Lightworker is. A Lightworker is anyone who is passionate about doing everything they can to help this world heal. It’s simple: You are a Lightworker if you are here to help uplift people and the planet using Truth, Love  & Light as your guides. 

We have a very welcoming and broad definition of Lightworker. If you are still not sure what a Lightworker is or not sure if you are one, here is a good way to look at it:

LIGHTWORKERS are generally defined as those who seek positive change inside and out. Their intention is to transform challenges during their personal learning journey toward Enlightenment. They feel a strong urge to heal and assist others and have a deep desire to resolve the problems of the world. They can be sensitive and psychic.  Often they feel compelled to write, educate or counsel others, but not always. They sense we are all connected and so we do serve each other from near and far. Above all, Lightworkers know without a doubt they are here for a higher purpose. They know there is more going on than meets the eye in very situation, every interaction, and they sense they have a Grand mission to complete.

I am loveBut you may not know what that mission is yet.  That is the main purpose of this website:  To help you fulfill the mission and goals you have in your Heart of Hearts.

“Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: If you’re alive…it isn’t.” ~Richard Bach

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'I love who I am. I love life. Life loves me. It's going to be smooth and easy. Life works for me.'

‘I Attract Everything that is for my Highest Good into My Life’


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Sending sparkling energy, Love, Blessings & Joy to ALL!

~Michael Alperstein and the entire Light Workers World Team


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The Polarity Singularity

You can’t hear the Sound …..without the Silence,
You can’t perceive the Form ….without the Space

Return To Innocence

3DL LIGHTS UP western North Carolina with… INSPIRATION, ACTIVATION, and CELEBRATION! 3DL is a three day music and healing arts festival designed according to the principle mission, or “Four Pillars” of Emergence Earth: Sustainability, Natural Health and Wellness, Personal/Spiritual Development, and Community and Culture.

The Surprising Power of Acceptance.

There is a subtle, often overlooked power that exists within you, that holds the potential to heal and utterly transform your life. It is the deceptively simple yet Surprising Power of Acceptance.

Empowered Parents Inspiring Children @ 3DL

They will be offering a complimentary three week course, Empowered Parents, Inspired Children, (E.P.I.C.), a virtual, live coaching, training, and support program for parents, educators, and community members who need help with alternative, democratic homeschooling. Participants can engage with this course from anywhere in the world. In addition, all who take the course will receive a complimentary private consultation with Zahra Lightway, the founder of Light Way Schools.

Stopped..blocked…covered in Shame.

Is your hesitation in life connected to being shamed at some point in your life Do you hesitate to do new things that you really really want to do because you carry the shame of our culture? The shame you got growing up? The shame  that is always running in the...

You Deserve a “Soul Friend.”

What would it mean to you to have a true “Soul Friend”? A Friend to whom you could reveal the hidden intimacies of your life. One whose Friendship was an act of recognition and belonging; that cut across all conventions and categories. What would it mean to be joined in an ancient and eternal way with the Friend of your Soul?

How to Get Through a Super Moon

With the effects of the latest Super Moon still affecting us, many people are having difficulty navigating the intense emotional and psychic energies it has brought. I felt tackling this subject would benefit many, and I will do so by sharing with you techniques I...

~5 Daily Habits to Keep you in Full Glow & Flow!~

With front row seats at the edge of space and time comes a great responsibility to yourself and the whole of the universe, cosmos and every living thing that inhabits it. Living in harmony with the natural, light giving, love breathing flow of energy that you are made...

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