A Sneak Peak Into An Out of This World Book- Thousands of Visits to Heaven & The Heart of God



They Reveal the Secret to a Whole Other Level of Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever pondered exploring other worlds, planets or universes?  Have you ever wondered if  you have had otherworldly past lives? Or perhaps you simply feel intrigued by Sci Fi fantasies of space travel to distant planets or an affinity for celestial places, realms, dimensions, beings and universes.  The fantastical exploration of worlds is not just the domain of the Sci Fi Space Scientist who steers his sleek ship to other universes through skies sparkling with stars. Nor is it only the whimsical imagination, clairvoyance, and dreams of the mind stuff or sensitive psychics. With the proper instruction of experts of this science you can have such experiences while living.

Astral projection itself is limited to the astral plane and is tied to potential dangers not to mention sometimes questionable intentions of entities that are polarized in duality: good and evil, dark and light and so forth. A more advanced form of out of body travel called Tuza (Soul) travel brings us further; by which we discover far beyond the astral plane are many universes and worlds.

Here is a brief excerpt from the book Thousands of Visits to Heaven and the Heart of God in which my husband Allen and I share our journeys to other physical, psychic, and spiritual universes and worlds:

“I was drawn up out of my body and appeared in a beautiful world of white light tinged with a subtle purple hue shimmering through the ethers.”

“And I heard a sound almost like that of millions of tiny crystal chimes that made a high pitched shimmering sound.  This was one of the lower heavens called the Etheric plane. The sound swept through the bright field of light.  And within I saw Lai Tsi, a VARDAN Master from ancient China who had a long white beard and was wearing a long white robe.  Lai Tsi seemed to hover about with a silvery white light about him glowing brightly…”

“I then noticed that a great beam of light shown from the top of his head and from the sleeves from his arms, both of which reminded me of a spot light.  And then he did something which surprised me, as he moved his arms with these great beams of light in a circular motion.  This created a sort of what seemed to me like a portal of light, an inter-dimensional window he cut into a world that was far brighter.”

“It was essentially that Lai Tsi the Great Ancient VARDAN Master opened up a doorway and was letting me peer far beyond this lower heaven of the Etheric plane and into the pure positive God Worlds. The light was far brighter and the sound of a higher octave.  And then in the next moment I saw a flash of an image of myself in a previous life, in what some people call reincarnation. In this previous life I was a student of Lai Tsi in Ancient China.  I had black hair and a long black mustache. I lived in a gorgeous pristine land of green rolling hills and crystal clear waters.

I watched from a distance as in that life time I went into spiritual contemplation sitting with legs crossed on the wooden floor.  The sound shifted in fineness becoming quieter, softer, and of a higher pitch. My body was on Earth but my spirit was in heaven. Through out-of-body travel I suddenly shifted into a state of being surrounded by the most unimaginably, intense brilliant white light.”

It was from that point in this out of body experience that I shifted from one lower level of heaven to an incredible universe that defied all of my former training or the preconceptions of my mind had about the very nature of the spiritual universes.

From my understanding in doing a more advanced form of out of body Tuza or Soul movement for over twenty years to various universes and heavenly planes the process of moving to the next level beyond meditation and astral projection into Tuza travel opens us to a whole other level of Spiritual Awakening.

In HURAY Galactia it is revolutionary because we explore these incredible universes and worlds where the next phase of spiritual evolution is possible.

In exploring worlds beyond worlds through these methods and the help of a traveler we eventually come to know of heavenly universes beyond time and space.   Beyond the mental plane when I began to let go of fear, let go of the preconceptions of the mind and let go of the mind I could with the help of the traveler go beyond this mental plane world where Soul appears to be free yet is not. In the pure positive God Worlds we use entirely different senses and have a 360 degree view point or sense of total awareness that is omnipresent. The sheer brilliance of the white light is so intense and concentrated it would blind the physical or astral eyes if they could ever enter such a infinite pure spirit world.

Later on Allen and I discussed in detail past lives we witnessed in Tuza travel on ancient planets in galaxies far away. It gave a sense of perspective and a depth of understanding about the nature of Soul and the cycles of the lower worlds. The most important aspect seemed to be that for instance on one planet where the people had 48 stands of DNA they lived an almost magical life and had superhuman powers however this created a great illusion of spiritual advancement as yet many of them did not take up the revolutionary next level of spiritual awakening discussed in the book.

Here is an interesting video, the Book Launch Pubslush Book video that takes a sneak peek inside the HURAY Galactica book.  It briefly illustrates our visitations to these various universes, worlds and planets- It is actually a book my husband and I wrote together of out of body experiences we had exploring these incredible worlds- The HURAY Galactica:


HURAY GALACTICA Allen Feldman and Heather Giamboi

See Amazon to see a more detailed description.

There are at least three vital steps to learning to visit these worlds beyond worlds to reach spiritual freedom:

  1. It is important to have a strong desire for learning this science. If for instance someone wanted to learn to play the violin he couldn’t expect to become a virtuoso with a mild desire. He would do rather poorly unless his desire was strong enough to practice at least daily at this art. The Olympian becomes great because he devotes himself.
  2. Every new student of any subject such as Violin again would learn with greater swiftness and skill if he were to study with an expert in the field, a sort of virtuoso in his art. It is the same with out of body tuza travel to other worlds. Astral travel doesn’t cut it. It is an altogether different topic. Many study the talks and writings of astral travelers not realizing that astral projection does not lead to self-realization nor spiritual freedom. Gaining certain fundamental spiritual understandings from studying the inner transmissions, words and written works of a VARDAN true spiritual traveler propels Soul to go much further then it could go alone.
  3. We can study in depth spiritual understanding about various spiritual goals, spiritual missions, spiritual realizations and so forth such as Self Realization and God Consciousness as instructed by spiritual travelers. Yet it is essential to learn to let go of excessive dependence on the lower emotional, psychic and mental faculties that are mistaken for the total awareness of pure Soul our true self. A helpful site with free videos and so forth is on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkXmxZWKrClJqz7iqyV0rCw

Life can be a fantastic adventure when we realize that we are not limited by the self-imposed realities which keep us stuck doing the same things we have done again and again in past lives on this and other worlds. This is because wisdom is mixed with illusion in the lower heavens. Eventually Soul desires something more. The universes upon universes can be explored to discover what we already know but have forgotten if we are brave and desire truth more then the safety of dogma and we will not stop or settle for less than spiritual freedom.

By- Sra Heather Giamboi of VARDANKAR


For anyone interested in exploring this topic further can see it on Amazon. The book itself goes much deeper into this topic.


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