New years is a time to create a clean slate, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and when you do a new year meditation, miracles can occur.  This is a time to let go of the “old you” and begin afresh.  You can create new goals and breathe new energy and more life into goals that may have been put on a back burner.  Let’s get started!  Allow yourself to get comfortable.  Turn off all outside noises and distractions.  Here is a video to set a positive intent:


New Year Meditation


Put your hand on your heart and take a gentle, slow deep breath


Ask yourself:  “What would I most like to be or have in this coming year?”


Hold the intention in your heart that this is a powerful transition time.  The main thing is for YOU to GIVE power to the New Year.  Not the other way around.  It’s your full intention that brings life and reality to the New Year.


Keep breathing…  allowing light to fill your chest.  With each breath you bring in more Light into your heart space.   This light circulates and supports you now and in the new year.  Allow it to flow.


Keep your hand on your heart, and while you do that, place your attention on your desire.   You might visualize it, but in truth, it is beyond visualizing.  It is integrating with the energy of your passion and goal.  Get in tune with it and feel it.  Trust that this process is planting a seed.  The outside will follow and it will contain positive changes.


The key to a good new year meditation is to rest in the present moment.  It’s a myth that this meditation is about the future.  Though the year lies ahead, you give it power here in the present.  Meditation is an opportunity to notice and be still.  That takes presence.

Keep focusing lovingly on your goal.  It will come.  Breathe in your goal.  Be your Goal.  Feel your Goal as a reality.  Put your heart into your goal.


Focus your full power on your goal and go for about fifteen minutes, or until you feel complete.



new years meditation


Look at it this way:  Meditation is an appointment with the Universe.  Be it sitting quietly, walking slowly, meditating by yourself or in a group, or breathing deeply, real meditation is breaking ALL appointments you have made with other people, ideas, or events.  Meditation is a date with your Heart and being very late for everything else in your life.
….Just one possible way to look at it…   =)


During the start of a new year, magic is available.  It’s in your heart.  There is nowhere to go.  It’s there, standing right where you are, open, relaxed and at peace.  The gentle connection in your heart will take you “there” every time. 



“Meditation is an essential travel partner
on your journey of personal transformation.
Meditation connects you with your soul,
and this connection gives you access to your intuition,
your heart­felt desires, your integrity,
and the inspiration to create a life you love.”
~Sarah McLean

Meditation can be enhanced and supported with music. Here is some music you may enjoy:

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