The New Age of Spiritual Children

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For many of you out there you may have heard of the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children and wondered what or who they were.  They are messengers of God sent to earth to help heal our beautiful planet from destruction,

spiritual kids

spiritual kids

not only physically but from ourselves.  They are here to show us love and help us all work together as one.  I asked for help from my guides and angels to portray this message effectively on my behalf and this is what they guided me to write (the message came from Archangels Gabriel and Metatron and my guide Lyron):
There are many souls who have entered this world, and that are still coming, with a high purpose to heal this earth.  These are the Lightworkers of our time and they include the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children.  We are all Earth Angels together.  There is much to learn and do and we as the forbearers should be supporting these beautiful people.  They range from the ages of 0 to 29.  These resilient yet fragile individuals are in various circumstances and some unfortunately are not getting the help they need. Our mission is to find them and support and activate them to their life’s higher purpose.  They are here as healers of various areas of our earth and if they are among the wrong circumstances or people, they may not survive.


We are among a few in this world that can make a difference.  We have to find these young souls as they will not only bring light to all who see them and come in contact with them, but they will create a beautiful world of peace and love.  My mission is to find them and help them.  They have different personalities to others.  They are very determined, loving and go getters.  But, some may not have the support they need to do what it is they are supposed to do.  They may be told they are worthless and that their opinions don’t count because they are too young, but these beautiful souls have so much more wisdom than anyone can imagine. 

spiritual child

spiritual child

Their purpose includes them having profound knowledge of things we have heard of on earth.  Some may come forward at an early age talking about where they are from, that more are coming, and that angels will be plenty in numbers on earth.  These are the children we need to care for and guide with precious love.  They will be here to shower divine love on us all.  This is a mission that all Lightworkers must work towards.



The message they gave was very short and to the point, just like Archangel Metatron likes to communicate with me.  I believe that there are many out there that may be feeling very lost and unsure about what they are doing here and why they are here.  That is how I felt as a young girl and due to conformity and schooling, just kept going in my life and became ‘normal’.  I was teased for being weird and had different ideas of how we should live as the human race.  My thoughts on certain aspects of life was well ahead of what was portrayed in the media and through health journals and I didn’t understand why others didn’t see it the same way I did.  Now I understand more that there is a reason for me being here and that is to help everyone I can and everyone I come in contact with one way or another.  My biggest task ahead is to find these Spiritual Children that are lost and need to find their way.

spiritual children

spiritual children

If you feel that you are one of these and need some direction and help, please look for that help.  Listen to your heart as your heart will guide you to the right place, person or group that have the same experiences as you do and there are others that may just know what to show you or let you know.

I am an Angel Communicator.  I have a strong connection to my spiritual team and they help me help others find their way.  If you would like more information please visit my website at

I hope that your life is fulfilled with divine happiness so that you can shine your light on this world as that is what is needed right now!

Two Wonderful Videos with Indigo kids


“Teach not with your words, but with your actions; not with discussion but with demonstration. For it is what you do that your children will emulate, and how you are that they will become.”  ~ Neale Donald Walsch


“I ask you to listen to an indigo child without judgment. These children are confused and torn. They want to please their parents and teachers, but they want to be true to their mission, and the messages they’re receiving from other realms too. At times they will sound wise beyond their years, so spiritual and compassionate. Other times they will sound just like any other child.”  ~Sandra Musser


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  1. I love the article; however, the 0-29 age range is incorrect and will throw many people off course. Indigos have been incarnating since the beginning of time. Anytime the world has gone through a major revolution be that social, economic, religious, industrial, etc, the Indigos incarnated to bring that change. Many of the Flower Children were Indigos. Indigos brought freedom for slaves, blacks and women’s right to vote and the end to segregation in the US. Christ and Buddha were both Crystal children.

    I am 37 years old and I am an Indigo. There are many much older and much younger than me. I also know several older Crystal children. Putting an age range on these ‘children’ will cause many Indigo Adults confusion.

    • Good point Cinnamon. That rings true.



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