With positive new commitments, we create new realities, fuel better relationships, and calm the mind. A commitment is a promise you make in your heart to be, feel, act, and live in a new way. It is an intention you make to the Universe, yourself, and to others.

Commitments are like agreements and they govern every area of our lives. New agreements put forth in a group, for example, can change group dynamics in a flash.

I took a personal growth workshop once from a teacher who, though she had a lot of wisdom, was worried she was coming across as “too preachy.” She loved teaching, but she worried people might think she was arrogant and too much like a controlling guru.

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What did she do to change her inner state? She skillfully injected a new agreement, a new commitment, into the group field.

She would explain that she has decided to turn the class into an exuberant “church congregation!”

She was being humorous of course, but this lively agreement changed everything. Suddenly the room became a fun and boisterous setting of spiritual worship!!

Everyone in the class would be yelling things like “Preach it Brother!” or “Right on Sister!” or “You go girl!”

The passion and energy in the room skyrocketed!!

Anyone NOT being preachy was suddenly out of place and we all agreed it was totally GREAT to BE preachy..

The reality changed so dramatically simply because she created a whole new agreement in the space, and not only did it make everyone laugh, it instantly freed her of her anxiety over being too preachy.

Realize there is power when you make a new agreement. Chaos can turn to calm; fear can turn to excitement.

It’s also very important to realize that you can create new agreements with yourself. Silent ones. Powerful ones. Confidential ones.

To set the stage for making new agreements, it helps to put yourself in a relaxed space. Start by watching this video:

Here is a list of seven powerful self-agreements or self-commitments to make that will start to relax your mind and untangle you from the web of mental noise:

1. I commit to treat mind chatter as a teacher, showing me what is true and what is illusion.

2. I agree to take new action when I feel stuck on the treadmill of my mind.

3. I agree to accept myself when I think negative thoughts.

4. I commit to zero complaining about my life, people, and events.

5. I agree not to be harsh with myself when I cannot shut my mind off.

6. I agree to use mind chatter to show me a larger self identity, one already free inside.

7. I agree to use play and humor as ladders to raise me out of mental noise.


A Relaxed Mind is Inside You Already

It is one thing to read the above list of agreements and another thing to incorporate them into your inner code of ethics.

Or is it?

Here is what I believe: You don’t have to incorporate these agreements; their essential meanings already exist in you. You just have to shine a light on them and allow them to bubble up from within.

Let me explain.

We are mental, emotional, physical beings, with an inner essence, a light, a love, a Buddha heart, a feeling of being alive, an inner spiritual beauty, a consciousness superimposed across every facet of our self talk and inner experience.

We are not the voice in our head. The voice moves through us, but it is only a bubble in the ocean of self. The essential qualities that free us from mind chatter–such as acceptance, peace and trust–are found in our hearts. Our hearts already know and use positive commitments even when our minds have seemingly forgotten them.

“Don’t think of your goals – think FROM them. Tap into your genius.” ~Robert G. Allen

We don’t have to foster, collect or believe empowering new thoughts or feelings to alleviate mind chatter; we just have to trust their current existence.

No matter what your mind chatter is doing in any given instant, there is a place inside you, in your heart, that is not enmeshed in it. There is a locus of yourself that is separate from what you think; it is paradoxically shackled yet unbounded. It is presence. It is a feeling of being big.

Go over the seven agreements above again, and allow their energy and essence to become available inside you. Breathe, relax, and read them slowly. A few minutes of this can have a profound and lasting effect.

New Agreements Change Everything

What agreements have you made with others? Have a look at them.

For example, one of the most impeding agreements we sometimes make, without realizing we did so, is to be perfect. We then try to be good or perfect every step of the way.

What a tall order!!

What if you agreed with a friend or partner that it is TOTALLY OKAY to be in a ‘PERFECTION-FREE ZONE’ with this person?

With this simple new agreement, we can LET GO of perfectionism.


When it is okay to be imperfect, life becomes easier. You are free. Mind chatter subsides.

Explore this. Explore your agreements in as many areas as possible. Are they harmonious? Impeding? Look at spoken ones and unspoken ones.

Change them if needed….


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