Working with the “Sacred Heart Meditation” that was given by Archangel Michael will certainly help you to activate the Grail Codes within your own Light body and DNA!

Sacred Heart Meditation by Archangel Michael
Sacred Heart Meditation by Archangel Michael

We are Now Shifting very Positively into the New Earth Energy. This has a very different vibration and pulse to the Old Earth. The New Earth is Synchronized with the Great Central Sun, or Galactic Center, and our Hearts are in the process of entraining to this New Frequency of Light. But, because we are the Wayshowers, we get to go first, and the rest are still pulsing with the old energy. So, our Hearts get “out of synch” and are not sure what pulse they should be following…the old or the new? We feel the same confusion in our lives, as we try to decide where we need to be…in the Old Energy trying to run life from our Solar Plexus and our Will, or in the New Energy where we live from our Heart.

We have all made the choice for the New, but we are still dealing with old patterns that tend to pull us back into the old way of doing things. And so, we tend to vacillate between the two “stations”, if you want to use the analogy of a radio station. In my own case, I guess the bank problem was because I had shifted myself into the new frequencies and the bank is still operating according to the old. So, we could not “find” each other. The answer, of course, is to remain in the Heart frequency and trust that the flow of abundance will manifest or find you in another way. It does not have to be the “old” way, if we are open to allowing that abundance to flow in our lives as it will and when it will. It requires trust and patience.

The “Grail Codes” are a set of Light Codes within the Human DNA. They are part of the original design or blueprint, and they were intended to enable the Human Body to carry the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies of the Twin Flame in the Material Realm.

As Humanity fell away from that original blueprint, many of the energy channels or meridians of this design were shut down and lost to us. The Divine Solar Feminine was the energy that was most damaged, and most needed to return to us. Now the Grail Code energies were incarnated in Yeshua and his Partner, Mary Magdalene. And the secret of the Grail and its reactivation in Humans, was held by Mary Magdalene in her role as the keeper of the Divine Feminine Flame. So, in recent years, and especially in 2007, the energy of the Solar Divine Feminine – Passion, Sensuality and Creativity – was returned to the Planet as Humans opened themselves to once more receive this frequency. This necessitated the opening of the “Magdalena Grids” within the Human Body, and this was the work that I did in 2007 with Archangel Michael in many of the workshops. The “Sacred Heart” meditation that was given last year was only given to us because we now had the “wiring” in our Light bodies to carry the power of the Sacred Solar Divine Feminine once again. And so the ability was given to us to once again activate these flows of Light that are called the “Grail Codes”.

The Grail Codes allow us to enter into the Full Power of the Twin Flame energy within ourselves, and to become powerful Creators and to manifest with that creative power if we so choose. The power of manifestation is based in the heart and depends on the balance of the flows of masculine and feminine energies through the “Grail” meridians in the body. The ability to manifest a Twin Flame partnership in the external world, also depends on our ability to activate the “Grail Codes” within our Light bodies and our DNA, and so create in the external world a reflection of the Divine Union within us! This was always part of the Original Design for Human life, and is certainly a fundamental of the design for the New Earth Human Angel.

So, working with the “Sacred Heart Meditation” that was given by Archangel Michael, will certainly help you to activate the Grail Codes within your own Light body and DNA!


World Peace ~ Joy ~ Love ~ Light!
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