LOVE JARS – The inexpensive gift of LOVE that keeps on giving.

This is an incredibly simple way to create a meaningful gift for anyone with almost no cost at all.  It is just as great making a Love Jar as it is getting one!

Here’s a list of positive affirmations for children’s Love Jars 🙂

Love Jars

Sample Love Jar

You have lots of friends.
You are a good friend to yourself.
You play well with others.
You are a good sport.
You are helpful.
You are a loving person.
You are a good listener.
You ask good questions.
You are full of good ideas.
Your imagination is fabulous.
You have a wonderful mind.
You are very creative.
You can do anything you set your mind to.
You are confidant – YOU CAN DO IT!
You believe in yourself.
You can …. run fast, read well, etc.
You are really good at lots of things.
You are LUCKY!
Every problem has an answer.
You are always in the right place at the right time.

Let yourself FEEL HAPPY !!
You always make good choices.
Good things happen to you all the time.
You can be whatever you want to be.
You are GOOD AT BEING you!
People feel happy when they see you.
Love your life and have lots of fun.
You are unique and special.
You are healthy and strong.
You are in great shape.
Your body is your best friend.
Don’t you FEEL GREAT?!?
Every day in every way, you are getting better and better.
Let yourself feel calm and relaxed.
You are always trying your best.
All you ever need comes to you easily and effortlessly.
The whole world is on your side.
You are free to feel all of your feelings.
You make a difference in the world.
You are fit and healthy.
You are seen and heard.
Whatever is going on in your life is for your Higher Good.
You are always in the right place at the right time.
You deserve the best.
All good things are coming to you.
Your strength comes from your peaceful inner core.
Your difficulties only make you stronger.
Your mistakes only make you wiser.
There is a plan and you are being led.
All is well in your world.
The universe is bringing you what you need for your higher good.
You possess the ability to lead and inspire.
You are free to grow and learn in your own way.
You have all that you need.
You are healthy and happy.
You are so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
Expect only the best.
Be true to the best that is in you.
Trust the process of life to take care of you.
You are the most powerful person in your world.
You are a beautiful light being.
Love and light surround you.
Love is always the way.
You are LOVED.

LOVE JARS!  Wanna know how to make one? It’s easy!

Spread this idea around 🙂  Love Jars are really awesome!

“I’ve made one before after being inspired by friends on Cafemom … I still loved watching this to get more ideas … I absolutely love the paint can from Home Depot for a guy!! That’s awesome!! Thanks, Claudia!! Leaving some love for you here” — Tara

And on a similar note…. here is a beautiful song by a band called Jars of Clay



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