If you have financial concerns, raise your hand! Despite Law of Attraction work and manifesting tools, everyone has times of big bills, slow business, emergency expenses, furloughs, or shortfalls. Life is cyclical and we can’t control every variable. So, how do we deal with money crunches as spiritual people?

First, we go back to basics. Recall all your personal power to the present. Worry projects energy into the future. Resentment focuses energy on the past. Being present means suspending fear and anger and inhabiting this moment with all your might.

The Goddess Oracle released two cards for this reading: Sophia (Wisdom) and Kuan Yin (Compassion). Our intelligence centers must combine forces. The solar plexus, heart, and third eye chakras inform our decisions best when they’re working together. Honor gut instincts, heart leanings, and intuition as you work with logic and facts.

We are manifesting our realities every moment.

Sophia reminds us of our co-creative power as children of Universal Source. The Gnostic Sophia created the physical world from Source emanations, coloring them with her emotions, experiences, and focus. We manifest our realities every moment. Sustained focused intention combined with emotion is how we work with pre-matter to call our personal abundance into being.

Wisdom is specific and informed. Understand your needs and be creative in seeking alternate solutions and options. Educate yourself. Ask for professional guidance. Seek perspective from your tribe. Great wisdom comes from the most difficult life passages.

Financial wealth is not human worth.

Lovely Kwan Yin asks you to have compassion for yourself and your circumstances! It’s okay to be imperfect. You incarnated as a human being to learn and grow through challenges and the opportunities to overcome them. Dealing with your own problems increases your empathy for others.

Financial wealth is not human worth. When you love yourself as you are, the way Divinity loves you, all the abundant possibilities for joy, comfort, and peace can reach you. Release feelings of shame, blame, or unworthiness. Every morning is a chance to start again and reaffirm your personal beauty and value.

Loving yourself through the hard times allows the good times to return.

Conquer money challenges by coalescing your power and using all your intelligence centers. You are worthy of financial abundance and success because you are a Child of the Divine. Mistakes, crunch times, job loss, or expensive emergencies don’t make you a failure; they make you human. Loving yourself through the hard times allows the good times to return by keeping the channels of blessing open.

Be spiritual and smart. Get the facts and make your decisions with compassionate wisdom. As we combine faith with intention, the wheel will turn, energies will shift, and easier days will return.

Dr. Elizabeth Eiler is is the author of three books about women’s spirituality, goddess wisdom, nature spirits, and the spiritual lives of animals. Visit her author website to learn more about her writing. She is a Reiki Master, metaphysician, spiritual teacher, Ordained Minister, and owner of Seven Stars Healing Arts, LLC.

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