How do you know if you’re good enough to be a healer yet?

Do you feel like you have so much to give and a deep passion to help – but see yourself as ‘just not there’ yet? Maybe you still have issues, addictions, illnesses or family turmoil that throw your life into chaos or mediocrity?

Well, as far as I see it, none of this matters! – Really. The number one most important factor in being a healer is your loving need to help others and make The World a better place.

As healers and Lightworkers, we came to this Earth with the mission to set people free and truly make a difference. To do this, we need to live, experience and understand what it is to live, hurt and heal! Our bodies need to have the cellular imprint of pain and trauma so we can share in the pain of others… And help them heal.



As healers and Lightworkers, we are empathic and highly sensitive. So it can be easy to take a lot of energy into our systems. And because many of us have been sponge healing we can be left feeling drained or overwhelmed… But this is another precious chance to learn, heal and grow so you may not only help yourself, but to heal others as well.

To put it simply, your imperfections are utterly perfect and I mean this literally. As long as you have been on a path learning from your experiences and growing from the past (and if you are reading this then I am betting you are) you have something special to offer to those who need help. We each have our own Divine right clients who suit us most, and yours are out there as well.



What is the biggest challenge in your life you have overcome and healed from? Think of it now… Maybe even write it down, feeling gratitude for how far you have come. The only person you can compare yourself to is who you were in the past.

And you see, there are people out there right now who are going through this very same thing!

But guess what? – They don’t have the answer. They haven’t figured it out. They are aching, struggling and need support. When they are ready, they will seek you out – as long as you are open to receive them and showing up, being your true self so they can actually find you

So please know, even if you aren’t some perfect ideal you might be working towards – its OK. Often, I share my troubles with my clients and followers online. Sometimes I’ll share the (extremely) nasty mean streak I had when I was much younger, or I’ll speak of my addictions – past and present – it relaxes them into opening up even more. Sometimes this vulnerable truth can be the key that will free them from feeling judged and a profound healing will crystallize before my eyes.


You Hold The Key...

You Hold The Key…


You are OK as you are. I know it, I feel it and I believe it. You have everything you will ever need to be the healer you wish to be. It is all in there already. As you love the darkness, it dissolves into light and you become more clear, more free and able to teach, heal and share.

But no matter where you are on your journey, remember to always be kind to yourself. As long as you are learning, growing and being in service to some degree you are the perfect healer for many people out there. The World needs you now – not when you’re perfect.

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Embrace the shadows…

Expand into Light and please, share your gift with The World…

You are needed.

With Love and Light
Kai Ashley



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