By Alexandra Dennis.


How does Heaven communicate with us via numbers and special signs?

Are certain dates and number sequences significant? I am glad you asked… let’s decipher 55 together!

Today’s date is the 5/5, a perfect example of the way Angels can “speak” to us, using signs & symbols.


Many often wonder what these special sequential / recurring numbers might actually mean. Are these synchronistic spiritual messages? I am tuning into my Angelic Guidance and here’s what I’m guided to share about the magic of recurring numbers.

It is my understanding that if we notice these unusual number sequences – they are a sign that there are Angels in our midst – and getting our attention this way is a way they are letting us know they are around. And further, they are sharing a message!

The vibration of each number has a meaning, and numerology has always indicated that the numbers are, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and then when we reach 10, we add the double digits together (10 becomes 1+0 =1). They all reduce down to singular digits – except for recurring numbers like 11, 22, 33… (in these cases they’re categorized as master numbers so we do NOT add them together).

Whether from a numerology standpoint… or an angelic interpretation – there is no denying that these magical numbers convey information!


Just as the numbers in the suits of the tarot deck (as well as traditional playing cards) they range basically from 1 through  9 or 10 – and when this figure is achieved, they branch into court cards, because the magic of  numbers is an ancient art of interpretation!

Whether you keep seeing these Angelic Numbers as the time on clocks, notice them repeatedly on car number plates, even on the screens of your cell-phone or computer… or like today’s example as the date on a calendar – Heaven has a message for you!

And what better example than to tune into the Angels today and share a message about todays date.

On the 5th day of the 5th month, I’m honoured to share here a beautiful message about what 55’s are heralding, in a channelling about navigating through the winds of change.

Shared with love,
Alexandra  ♥️

So… what is the meaning and message of 55?

Seeing Multiple 5’s

Keyword: Changes


Angelic Message of 55 Summarized: Trust Life!

It may also be a significant number to you that keeps showing up!

Is it a reminder of a birthday – a friends house number –  it might show up in a telephone number sequence, or even a dream?

We all know about the past because we remember it – and we know about today, because we live in this present moment.

The future can feel mysterious, because we have not seen it yet…

“Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
All we have is today…
The present is a gift.”

Indeed. 🙂

Yet, a future beckons,
Change is upon us all,
There’s no avoiding it!
So… let us embrace it.


Let us give some meditation to changes, as manifestation is co-creative and asks plans and changes within its processes!

And we all can its feel changes, weaving into our lives, it may trigger fear, because we have not got any firm labels to “stick” onto what may be “shown to us” in future snippets, as previews of life ahead of us.

So for just now, use positive words, label these feelings as exciting, fun and joyful.

This is applying the law of attraction, for  magnetizing higher wishes into our lives.


Life is designed with – and also by “higher,”” than us.
The ways we work with “what is” can be  magical.

Whereby, transmuting even the experiences that feel like major tests, is into the golden light… enriching our spirit.

We can select reactions we have – while finding blessings in every circumstance.

And in knowing this, we are empowered. To work in conjunction with all of life, all resistance is only delaying our progress.

Indeed, time does allow us to come to a place where we come to find peace with nature and – joy can increase as we stay in gratitude for everything we are given. Know – all serves our spiritual development.


Contrast is also in service for light, and rather than see it as a challenge – know everything in Life is our divine blessing!

Blessings are often disguised, not easily recognizable instantaneously, it can take time to find the space where putting it in the lesson file will honour these lessons.

We can block out aspects –  but in doing so, we affect ALL of our recall capacity!


The past does not define us – though in pretending it was all roses, we blur also the valuable lessons that make us who we are today.

Instead… allow yourself a fresh slate in detaching from the power of emotional experiences in our past (as they are just like a movie and you were only playing your part and the film shoot is finished).

Now – reclaim your own essential YOU!

Do not let the re-runs impact your ability to embrace change and feelings about it.

Many of us based our future visions and projections on past experiences, basing the probabilities on past already labelled categorized “memories” we’ve gathered.

This is human, though – magic happens when we can believe in the unseen and don’t limit our probabilities.

If any actor once plays the role of a cowboy, it does not mean they will be a cowboy for the rest of their life – (unless they might be John Wayne 🙂 and that’s another story).

Actors change into their original clothing at the end of the movie shoot, and move on, for the many other roles that life will offer them. This is based on their acting experience, and not on the fact that they looked authentic (aka: “the part”)  while riding on a horse.

There are so many aspects of our own Gods and Goddesses, waiting for us to merge with – and see how it fits or feels for us.


In their next role, they might be a police officer or a fire-fighter, because if we get stuck in spiritual “typecast” – how can we ever really grow?

Because something is new – we haven’t seen it before, yes, it can freak us out in having nothing to compare it to; and we feel like we are entering brand new turf.

As if God/Source will just plonk us there without any map / guidebook is unlikely.

All we have inside us is already given us at our birth & beforehand! We are more than equipped for any “stage door” that God opens up for us and invites us into.

Whenever He/She has led us there, the keys and map dwell already in our DNA and in our heart and spiritual toolboxes.
To be put into action when the timing is right for us to step into these changes, embracing all of it as Divine blessings!


If you think it is not in your spiritual tool box – look again, it might be under all of the other tools. You may have not even used it yet, so plug yourself into Source trusting you’ll craft with LIFE beautifully.

Change requires surrender and courage, and “change is the only constant” in life!
Alchemize all fear or doubt into a feeling of joy and excitement, let yourself wildly dream – imagining endless possibilities!

Celebrate freedom, knowing the purpose of change is re-arranging and clearing up  space, for who you are becoming and all the prayers, waiting to manifest, forward.

You will have to do things, absolutely, as “God helps those who help themselves”, it’s so true.

Yet in this, you will be guided internally. And via your connections with Heaven. and when you do act in faith, the Universe brings it closer to you and you’ll grow more confident every step forward.


Anyone who starts in a new job or goes to a new school knows the first day will feel odd or unfamiliar environment-wise
plus, the people around us may be new.

But in a very short time you adapt and it becomes a natural thing as we get used to being there, plus, making new friends.

Beautiful new experiences are unfolding.

Know: deep inside, though changes can feel foreign – asking us to think/explore and entertain new ideas beyond our old comfort zones – ultimately – it is growth!

Many can feel change is “faster than us” because a future is arriving, moment by moment, while we are just feeling like as if though we are getting a firm handle on what’s happening here in the “right now”.
It can feel fast and a little bit awkward to accommodate change when it comes in.

Consider changes as Heaven in action!
Change forces us to adapt and assess,
formulating action steps as guided and in conjunction with cosmic energy flow.

Whatever we pray about, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously is noted.

God/Goddess already knows what we’ll be praying about because it is already in our life purpose divine design, as part of what we came here to do in this lifetime.

Within the process of our manifestation, Infinite Wisdom/God/Goddess/Source/the Universe may usher in changes that are required (as part of natural clearing and adjustment).


Know – changes will always lead us in a forward direction and through required refinements of all our personal lessons, and ongoing healing/works in progress.

Adjusting circumstances for us to grow and reach further inside us, to see what we’re made of, that we can present our best us into every situation we’re given.

May change increase our faith, in both ourselves as Ambassadors of Source! Plus faith in Divine design (of our lives) and all aspects of the world around us.

“When we doubt ourselves in the face of change, we’re doubting the Divine within. “

– Alexandra Dennis.

Change is a complimentary gift from the Universe saying “you are ready for more” and depending on how you see changes, taking on more is always a blessing, and forces us to decide what to release also.

We can only carry so much at one time.

Whatever is not yours is not your cross to bear, and doing everything for others can be dishonouring their own growth – so let go of what is NOT yours to carry!

Do the work on yourself allowing you to lead by example, and as you might feel rattled by changes, pray for assistance.


Even the most difficult change, yes it can bring us to our knees, and in prayer, we’ll be reminded that the God we’re speaking to is also the higher version of ourselves.

Change serves in recalibrating us, it is a bit like shifting up a gear, we give it a bit more grunt on the highway if we want to make progress, yet if you try to race with change you’ll never catch up, so forget it.


Flow with…
At the pace that feels just right for you!

Bringing us into an alignment with what we need, keeping up pace with change,
not lagging behind, nor, trying to race it.

Because yes, the Universe knows exactly what we need, it’s always working things out for the highest good, in divine timing.

Thank you Angels.

Embracing Now… just feel this WOW!

And let the Universe handle the How!

“Make friends with change.”

Happy 55 to all the Lightworkers here! ♥

Alexandra ♥️

© Alexandra Dennis – 2018.


More About Angel Numbers & Messages:

If you’re interested in learning more about what certain number sequences mean, I recommend Doreen Virtue’s book: “Angel Numbers 101”.

I would also recommend studying any of the wide range of books available on Tarot and/or Numerology to understand each numbers energy.

For more information or if you have any questions about angel numbers, please visit my Website / Send an Email using the Contact Us Link.

I would be delighted to refer you to specific resources, and/or personally work with you to assist you in deciphering angel number sequences!

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