Welcome the 2018 Vernal Equinox with a card reading for Lightworkers and spiritual seekers.  Find guidance and clarity to help us grow and thrive into a strong new season.

Things are happening very quickly, and it’s important to stay grounded and focused on the desired outcomes.  Events that may have lagged or been in hibernation over the Winter are now moving at great speed.  We’re required to pause and carefully evaluate our options, making considered decisions.

The speed of movement in our lives calls for creative thinking.  Working with feline medicine yields unconventional options and original ideas.  Think of the catlike attributes of grace, observation, flexibility, and lightness of step. Intelligent adaptability aids in landing on our feet in the midst of life’s accelerating momentum.

Forgiveness, a willingness to surrender our attachment to pain, is a hallmark for healing.  Accelerate the advent of peace by asking God and the Angels to help release worry and anxiety.  We can safely request Divine assistance and leave our concerns with these loving higher powers.  This frees us to travel light, minus the baggage of bitterness or regret that drains power from the present.

Getting outside and spending time in the healing energies of nature will alleviate stress and anxiety.  Choosing positive thoughts and an upward-looking focus is necessary to attract the benevolent outcomes we desire.

Nature’s abundance concentrates our attention on the many gifts available to us.  The natural world also demonstrates the continuing cycle of verdant renewal and the importance of sowing good seed.

Intention and the vibrations of our feelings and thoughts are controlling factors in our manifesting.  Have faith that what you have worked for is now coming about.  Use the opening of spring’s green leaves as a metaphor for the blossoming of your goals.

No dream is dead that still has power to move the heart.  After the hardest freeze, deeply-planted roots still nurture and raise new life. In a time of rapid manifestation, attending to our vibrational output of thoughts, emotions, and actions is critical.

Crystals to help with manifesting include citrine and green aventurine for wealth and material abundance, rose quartz for love and friendship, tiger’s eye for willpower, amethyst for clarity of vision, and clear quartz to amplify the energy invested in our desires.

We’re in a swift-moving current, and gracefully going with the flow means releasing grudges, anger, and anything that keeps us pinned to the shore.  God and the Angels are ready to help us purge bitterness and worry.  We must be grounded and attuned to Nature’s cycles to facilitate peace and creativity needed to manifest, react, and maintain healthy balance.

(Cards were drawn from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Angel Therapy Oracle cards, Angel Tarot Cards, Money and the Law of Attraction Cards – all published by Hay House).

Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D. is the owner of Seven Stars Healing Arts, LLC and offers many in-person and distance services through her private practice. She is an Usui Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader, Ordained Minister, channeler and medium, animal communicator, spiritual teacher, and author. Visit her websites at Seven Stars Healing Arts and Elizabeth Eiler Books.

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