Things can become confusing and even exhausting pretty fast when you are going through a breakup. If you have been living together with your partner, and you have decided that it is over, here is why moving out may be the best step towards moving on, and how you can do it right.

Don’t Stay in a Relationship Because of the House

You may have wholly invested yourself in getting a place together with the person you thought would be the one. However, it hasn’t turned out quite that way, and you don’t know how the specifics of splitting up will work out when it comes to things you share.

Well, it is natural to have second thoughts when you are in an emotional place, and your mind is always looking for the easiest way out. Don’t think about the trouble of finding a new home at this point in time instead focus on handling the selling of your house. The whole procedure of moving to a new location takes less than a month, and it is so much better than being stuck with the wrong person forever.

Acknowledge the Issue

You may not feel like you are up to the serious calculation stuff during a breakup, but that does not mean that you ignore it entirely. It is important that through the pain and confusion you manage to make time and talk about how ‘YOU’ feel about what should be done with the house.

Of course, you may not feel like jumping into the topic immediately, and you don’t have to. But at least plan something and do your future a favor now instead of looking back 5 years down the line and regretting the decisions you made because you were going through a very rough period.

It Doesn’t Matter the Kind of Spouse One Was

Remember that when it comes to things that you share and co-own, it really does not matter what happened between you and your spouse. Your significant other may have been the reason for the breakup, but that has minimal weight in the legal standing of all things being claimed by you.

If you decide to take matters into court, your spouse cheating on you, or anything else is not good enough reason for the judge to favor you with the ownership of the appliances, the house, and even your dog.

Offer Some Space

It is crucial that you do not make all the moving out decisions in the same week. You must remember to give your now ex-partner some time to think, so when you have had the talk about breaking up, you must offer the other person space; you can stay at a friend’s place for the time being.

Set a Date

One of the things that help through this time is that you have dates and deadlines for everything that needs to be done immediately. For example, for moving out, give yourself a date, and no matter how you feel that way you should promise yourself that you will make yourself move out that very day.

To make the process easy on yourself just hire professional movers for that day. You would find moving companies that will pack your stuff, and you just have to wait for your things to get shifted.

Do not Move Really Close by

So you are used to taking the same route to work, you are familiar with the neighborhood, and this is the spot where you get all the things that make up your daily routine. Well, it can be upper tempting to not want to give up any of that. In fact, you might be tempted so much that you start searching for units in the same building just a floor up, or you noticed that the neighbors moved out.

What you don’t know is that the same issues that you have with ‘your ex’ are going to spring up in the form of being a neighbor. Remind yourself that you need to get away, out of sight- out of mind should be your way of thinking for the time being.

Do Not Move at the Same Time

If you plan to pack everything at the same time and in the same room as your ex, while you also try your best to keep things polite and not give in to more arguments, it is going to be tough. You do not want spare moments dwelling on the past and questioning your decisions.

Make things easy for yourself and remove this emotional weight off of you. Arrange different times for moving between the two of you so that both of you can do their packing and finally move out in peace.

Move Temporarily with a Friend

If you cannot afford to move soon after the breakup, you can always get a roommate, or offer to be one for a friend. You can go live with family if you are close, but it helps that you under any circumstances don’t continue living together with the same person. Doing this will only be toxic to you, with the both of you feeling caged or not looking forward to returning home at the end of the day.

Also, it always helps to have a breakup buddy with you. This is the time you need someone by your side, and not be alone where you might easily miss the person you spent a considerable amount of time with. Set out for a vacation, a bit of relaxation, book a lodge and free yourself from all sorts of memories. Having a friend or a relative helps you move on faster as you make better memories that allow you to get over the grief of a breakup.

Don’t Keep the Same Apartment

Even if you think you might end up with the house or apartment, think about it, do you really want to sit alone at the same patio, or look across the kitchen and reminisce about painful memories from the pre-breakup era?

Make things easier for you, after the breakup your first priority should be for you to focus on healing yourself and moving on. To make new and happier memories, you definitely need a better place to be in. So move out! And move on to better things.


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