“The energy we plant fuels our intentions into manifestations!”

By Alexandra Dennis ♡

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New Moons are the premium magical time for making wishes and prayers, and for setting our new manifestation goals and intentions!
To do this effectively we need to make space, so how do we know what to clear? This is usually in direct proportion to what we wish to bring in – and in fact it is the opposite energy that we need to release. Releasing this decreases the potential resistance that may manifest itself or is present as opposing energy.

In this Article I will share “My 5 Helpful Affirmations for New Moon Clearing & Intention Setting! ” – Alexandra Dennis.

The external world is an extension of what is going on within our inner world of emotions and where our frequency is currently at. The number one rule is what we wish to create will be determined by what we have put into it. So it is important to remember this in the formula for manifesting: The energy we plant fuels intentions into manifestations! So work with and hold highest intentions whereby when putting this law of the Universe into action – we must take ethical responsibility for what we invest in energetically.

Everything we wish to bring into our world will affect others also, so ensure you are not imposing on anyone’s free will and only set intentions that are meaningful tor yourself. The Universe will cover how it shows up, keep it simple, leaving Heaven leeway! Work mindfully with the threefold law of return – and as long as you understand what you put out is magnified and is returned in some way or another – you are free to wish and pray just as a child does. Although as an adult – you have ways to bring it about that children do not have – so Santa Claus is their go-to wish guy! As adults we are blessed with resources – we have currency! And if you really think about it currency denotes just that – money is an energy – just like a current – so make peace with money. Yes – Spiritual people can have lots of money! It is how we intend to use it which determines if Source can assist manifestation.


Wishes come in ways we could never imagine. And of course, take some active steps, but take it easy as it’s like a bit of a Moon Dance. There’s a 2 week stretch within moon cycles where we do activity, then we step aside for 2 weeks. Understanding this is the time where Source and the Universe will be leading us – so be receptive during our 2 week “break” to tune into our guidance.

In the 2 weeks after the New Moon it is growth time until the Full Moon – WAXING. So we can do things towards bringing in our manifestation as we may feel guided to take steps to bring it closer. But after the Full Moon which is the energetic peak – there is an energy softening WANING that is God’s way of saying “Relax now it’s my turn so let things be, see what I will do towards this.” Also – these cycles are helpful to work with for creating things and banishing or releasing in alignment with this waxing / waning.

Q. Is it cool to work with the Lunar cycles, Laws of Manifestation and Cosmic Energies… and still be OK with God?

A. Yes! God created all of it and the Moon is included as the Universe and all the natural mechanisms are of the One Source!

God doesn’t exclude anyone or put labels on people – only people do this, and nobody has the right to judge – as it says in the bible “Lest they be judged thyself.” There is a big idea that says its witchy to do this kind of Lightwork where we talk about the manifestation principles – but we can still love God and Jesus and anyone else that feels of the Light and they will still love us!

Nobody can burn us at the stake for our belief systems, and fear energy is only as real as the power you fuel it with. Yes, there’s lower energy as this is the planet Earth – because there is contrast and if there were no contrast and it was all Light we would not need to incarnate at all. We could all just be floating around on clouds – but we’re not, we’re human. The Contrast is our servant in always showing us what we prefer – as what feels good, intending and reaching for the Light, and I love being a human being!

And part of this gift of humanity is having desires and wishes, and it is natural. Since cave men days they dreamed of having the most strong hut, and the most warmth by this thing they discovered called fire, so it is natural to wish and pray for our needs met!

There are numerous ways to make a wish – we can sing about it, write it, visualize, written desires and energy can be released by burning in a flame. But for every intention set we’re asked to examine what we can let go of. What might be hindering or in some way challenging us. Although obstacles usually seem external, each one is a representative of an a internal barrier – a metaphor within ourselves. Something we need to shift / heal / dissolve – to clear the ways and show the Universe that we mean business!

Perhaps we should release an out-dated fear, a limiting belief? Tt might be setting new rules for personal relationships.

For our priorities and a reshuffling and fine-tuning of how our time and energy is shared. Is this respected, valued, invested and reciprocated? It may bring to the surface feelings of guilt about our self care. This is a common issue to be overcome for lovely Lightworkers as being such givers and empathic healers. We may need to re-educate ourselves, giving ourselves permission to make our own joy and wellbeing be a priority. We matter equally. We help healing for others, it is paramount to practice balance.

The Universe says Let all of Life guide you – and it will be conveyed in many ways. You will usually note this will also be as some replicated energy in your inner world and current tests you may be facing. Symbolically even, whatever might be subtly showing up as highlighted. Life invites us to notice what it is that we may need to attend to today in order to achieve the optimum success.

New Moon intention setting is easy when we let life show us what we may need to clear now, in order to allow our new intentions every chance to appear in the most perfect ways manifest.

So here is an example of Life showing us through its parallels or synchronicities, taking stock so to speak of where we are at presently.  And further, how to best clear the magical path forward.

I noticed when I was in the garden that my cycads had a “sucker plant” sprout up alongside some time ago, sharing their energy. At first I didn’t mind – I thought it was some kind of symbiotic relationship and surprise gift from nature so I allowed them to grow.
But over time these sucker plants were going berserk and they were totally taking over the space of the original plants I planted.


As you feel guided – you will know. This week I felt “No! Enough is enough!” These sucker plants were taking over completely thus it was no longer a fair situation, in actuality it was destroying the original cycads. And they are pretty resilient as one of the oldest and sturdiest plants in recorded history. Yet they were struggling to grow… so I knew that I had to step in and do some serious pruning! Time for a firm clearing,. in which ever way you feel guided you will know when you need to clear old energy.

In this example, I said to them as I trimmed them away: “Enough! Anything I did not plant myself here now needs to be gone!”
I’ve let you be and you’ve hitched a ride for this long now, but you are no longer helping my plants to grow! So you need to be pruned away to allow my own plants to succeed & flourish as intended. It was a very liberating experience on so many levels. When clearing you will always feel the lightness return and a sense of relief. It can be as simple as just cleaning out a drawer to make room for the new sexy new clothing you might be wearing in a romantic relationship you desire to attract into your world!


I knew as I did this with my plants it was a truly significant message. In my own life I had been examining what I was ready to release in order to clear the path for goals and wishes to be brought into fruition more seamlessly.  It might be allocating more “Me time” and space to focus on my goals without distractions – and allowing myself more time to take care of myself as well.

This is an example of my “IN” and “OUT” lists for the current new moon – when it no longer feels helpful or if when we share time with certain people in perhaps heavier energy and older patterns arise where it triggers us. Where it may push our own growth or healing backwards, (just like the cycad example) we can sometimes opt out –  taking the step back or away and let an out-dated situation or relationship dissolve or resolve – organically. Circumstances change, not everyone is frequency aligned nor are all of us working on the same lessons. Some might have learned it already thus energy is lost going over and over old ground. So we need to be realistic about what is appropriate for us at this timing – and we do not have to experience other people’s lessons.

My 5 Helpful Affirmations for New Moon Clearing & Intention Setting:

  1. I deserve and give myself permission to accept my highest good.
  2. I now release any limiting beliefs which no longer serve my good.
  3. I welcome and accept joy and abundance in all aspects of my life.
  4. I now create the space for my good from a place of love and trust.
  5. I know that all my prayers are answered, perfectly met by Source.

Tend ourselves with love… as our lives are our very own living and growing gardens.


Establish new boundaries, reminders of what our acceptable parameters are, and when this is not honoured it’s OK to say No.
This makes room for what we DO desire, and in the Scorpio energy – aspects which are highlighted in our lives and in fact are under this Pluto, death and rebirth energy – “secret underworld” is under the microscope (areas of hidden and suppressed or unspoken and mysterious) now all are pushing up to the Light to be accepted, truthfully examined, released, and then cleared!

What types of relationships, goals, and experiences do you wish to welcome, nurture and co-create, within your life forward?
Whatever is its opposing energy, is what we need to release right now. So meditate on this, letting Life reveal these answers.


It always is a perfect time for wishes, though working with the current energies is extremely helpful for our manifestation work.

Next year 2018 is an 11 (Master Number) year, so this is a very significant time to clear the old – because all the Master Manifestors are now preparing for super manifestations, in an energetic snapshot of the 11 Vibration Angelic Number!

Watering and focused only what we DO want! Not ignorant of reality but not over thinking the status quo. Pulling out weeds that show up that may detract from the lovely garden that’s been “In-tended.” This is how we plant our new intentions powerfully and firmly. With the highest blessings, to encourage beautiful manifestations to thrive and pave the way for wishes to emerge within optimal circumstances. Clearing can be re-done whenever it feels necessary to do this and in everyone’s own chosen methods. There is no set ritual or procedure – writing is useful – speaking directly to God/Source/Creator or asking Angels to assist with a clearing are all acceptable ways. Even within ourselves, we might take a lavender and sea-salt bath to cleanse our energy field.


Well, what do we want? Usually we already know this. It is already written upon our Hearts. Waiting for us to claim it as our own. Designed by Source for us before we came to Earth. So we already want and love it. Though our Prayers may take longer to be answered when there’s obstacles in the way – perhaps the true key to magic is recognizing what we need to clear for our wishes.

Clearing within ourselves, clears also in our external world (as it is a reflection) – so that our prayers can be answered!

Let us recall this childhood poem:

“Mary Mary
Quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells
And cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row!”

And sew, it is! Amen. ♡

See what I did there? 🙂

Source takes our words literally and when we set intentions… we sew seeds in the unseen realm of infinite possibility. This is where all of Life begins – and finds its way into form.

How does your garden grow? How may it need attention? What helps it to grow? And what needs clearing to ensure our wishes have room?  Wishes are unique. Whatever it might be that makes your heart sing, hand it up to the skies if that is what feels right for you. Entirely up to you if you want to say Amen – so it is – or anything else that completes your prayer. Then, just get on with Life because all seeds grow at their own timeframe. If we waited or watched it would be ridiculous! Trust –  all prayers are heard.

Whether you may call it prayer, affirmation, wishes, or magic, we’re doing it all the time, and the Universe is always listening. Though when I say this I don’t mean in a freaky conspiracy theory Big Brother kind of way 🙂 I mean: it just knows our Hearts.

Happy Intention Setting! ★


© Alexandra Dennis
19th November 2017.

With: Lightworkers World.

About The Author: 

Alexandra Dennis lives in Melbourne, Australia.  She is a New Thought Author, Angel Therapist, Angel Intuitive, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader and Spiritual Teacher.  Alexandra’s Book: COSMIC SPIRIT is available on Amazon, ITunes & Google Play Books. Intuitive Readings (and tailored Angel Therapy Sessions) with Alexandra are available internationally via Skype or by Telephone. Readings can also be provided by Email as a printable PDF File. For  enquiries about Angel Intuitive Card Readings, or Writer’s Journey and Spiritual Mentorship with Alexandra – please visit Alexandra’s Website and send her an Email via the Contact Link.


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