Creating a personal style is a journey, and one that many of us embrace with relish. Style is about adventure, experimentation, and joy – and our clothes can help us feel more comfortable with who we are, and the role we are here to play on this planet.

When working towards a personal style, it’s important to use our daily mindfulness work to understand our personal goals and methods more concretely. Once we know who we are working on becoming, we can boost our personal style to reflect those goals and aspirations.

Here are three things to consider as you build a wardrobe that reflects your unique sense of style and purpose.

Buy ethically

When we care deeply about relieving the suffering of others we also make changes in how our purchasing choices affect those others. This means that we may be more careful in where our foods, clothes, gadgets, and other products are coming from. We may also take a keener interest in knowing and understand where and how they are made.

Choosing free trade and ethically produced items may be more expensive, but we know that those buying choices are creating a better environment and a healthier planet. Our choices can also create fair wages and healthier work and living conditions for many.

Be bold enough to put your money where your heart is. If it’s important to you to ensure your purchase are as healthy as possible, visit websites like the Ethical Trading Initiative and The Good Trade to help you make informed and ethical clothing buying decisions.

Buy with longevity in mind

Unfortunately we live in a disposable culture, flash in the pan trends, plastic accessories, and hastily constructed clothing items may look fresh at first, but quickly disintegrate and sometimes don’t even outlive the fad.

Don’t spend your hard earned money on fleeting trends. Instead, aim to collect classic versatile clothing and accessories that will stand the test of time.

Iris Apfel, the 94 year old New York Fashion maven known for her outrageous outfits and bold style, famously said, “If you live long enough, everything old becomes new again.”

With this in mind, aim to buy quality clothes, jewelry and other accessories that will stand the test of time: or shop quality well-made vintage clothing for a truly timeless and trendy look.

If you’re not sure how to check for quality construction, spend some time educating yourself. Visit upscale boutiques, even if you can’t afford to buy anything, and take some time examining the construction of their garments. Just a thorough inspection of that little white dress showcased on the display area would give you an idea what kind of clothes boutique prepare.

Look at the design, drape, cuts, fabric quality, stitches per inch in the seams, and other embellishment details. Even just examining the way that buttons are sewn on a garment can tell you a lot about the quality of construction.

Filled with this new knowledge you’ll be better able to choose quality affordable clothing in your own budget, or may decide to save and splurge on items that are bound to stick around and last with you awhile.

Choose function over form

We all want to look fashionable and trendy, but comfort is heaps more important than looking hip.

Aim for comfortable shoes, soft fabrics, relaxed cuts, and clothes that help you feel more relaxed and calm. You also want your clothing to allow you the freedom of movement to stay active and engaged.


If your clothes are awkward, too tight, ill-fitting, itchy, or not the right fabric for the temperature and climate you live in, you’re not going to be a happy camper. Instead aim for soft natural fibers in timeless classic cuts, along with simple tees, relaxed fit pants, and other closet staples in solid colors that can be easily accessorized with bolder decorations to change up the look. This is not to say you have to live without color! But bear in mind that it’s much easier to create bold style with interesting accessories than to put the onus on the base outfit itself.

To truly connect to your surroundings and keep a calmer and contented mindset consider pulling more earth-tones and muted colors into your wardrobe. Rich jewel tones paired with khakis, browns, sands, and beige can help you remain calm, cool, and collected – no matter what life throws at you.

With some conscious selections, mindful purchases, and style decisions with longevity in mind, you can easily grow a wardrobe and personal style that makes you feel strong and proud.

If you implement these tips you’ll also slowly grow to feel more relaxed and at ease in your own skin and the world around you. Living in line with your values helps you sleep easier at night knowing that you can be content with your life and choices and unique purpose.

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