There are many different cultural quirks that you should be aware of when traveling to different nations. Cultures can sometimes vary drastically from your own so, it is advised that you research the local conventions of the area you plan to travel to prior to your departure. Having a basic idea of the region’s culture, can help you to have a deeper understanding of the people and can also help prevent you from offending anyone. Sometimes traditions are deeply routed within a culture and they take things very seriously that outsiders aren’t typically aware of or understand. It is important to be courteous and respectful to different types of cultures than your own. Also, exposing yourself to different types of people helps to broaden your world view and perspective. So, visiting other countries can be an invaluable experience that helps to make you a more overall, well-rounded individual.


Cultural Differences to Keep in Mind

If you were traveling to Kyrgyzstan, for instance, you may see that bride kidnapping is a common practice. Though it has been made illegal, it is still widely practiced through out the nation. This custom involves kidnapping a potential bride and bringing them home where the family of will try to convince her to marry her captor. This is not something that is practiced throughout most other parts of the world, so it appears strange to outsiders. Another common cultural quirk involves pregnant women in China. After a woman gives birth, they are kept inside for at least a month. This is because the Chinese believe that women are highly susceptible to contracting illnesses in the time after giving birth. If you were ever to visit Mongolia, you should be careful to not step on anyone’s feet. This is seen as a sign of disrespect and you may end up getting into a physical altercation because of it. When touring Japan, you may want to take into consideration that many fashion customs from the United States are considered offensive to some traditional people. So it is important to research their customs so you don’t offend anyone. However, this tends to be more important if you are conducting business rather than if you are just touring the country. If you are traveling to Southern Europe, you should keep in mind that it is considered rude to wear a hat while eating or when entering somewhere. In England, people do not generally communicate while commuting because they tend to enjoy a quiet environment. They also think that it appears pushy to initiate conversations with strangers. However, they are likely to reciprocate and enjoy a conversation if it is initiated by someone else. To an outsider, it would appear that people in England are standoffish. However, when you know the reasoning behind it, you have a different perspective because you know they just don’t want to appear intrusive.


The Benefits of Exposing Yourself To Different Societies

Overall, travelling is a very interesting concept. Observing other people’s customs and way of life is a very significant experience. It allows you to realize that there is such much more beyond your usual surroundings. There is an entire world out there and every culture is unique. Having differences is important and trying to understand other people’s traditions can help you to understand your own way of life more. Traveling really adds a lot of perspective on life. It is important to remember that when traveling, you may come across a lot of concepts that are foreign to you but you should try to really take in these experiences and use them to better your own state of mind. Accepting other people’s way of life and understanding their motivations allows you to become a more respectful individual.

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