One of the things that many of us struggle with is negative thinking. Negative thinking is a nasty habit that is built out of seeing the world only in shades of grey and black. It comes when we focus on the bad things in life, and ignore the positive things. To become a healthier individual, we must practice thinking more positively. This is not ignoring painful realities like injuries, sickness, relational conflict, or anger. It is balancing those things with the good that comes out of them. Here are 7 tips that can rid us of the habit of negative thinking.


1.What are My Strengths?

Strengths are things that we should be grateful for. They are things that many people around us do not have. If we recall what we should be grateful for frequently, it will help us know how to move forward. Make a list daily of things that you are good at, or things that you have right now. It will transform the way you see life and other people. Make sure that you do not listen to the negative judgment that others place on your abilities. Respect their beliefs, but do not let them rule your life.


  1. What are My Weaknesses?

Facing and listing our negative things is a much better way to handle them. If we keep them vague and unknown, they will rule us. If we bring them into a clear list format, it will help us overcome them more quickly. List out the things in your life that are dragging you down. This will help you and your friends deal with them better. Keeping them secret and bothering your mind will only contribute to mental illness.


  1. What are My Opportunities?

Opportunities are things that we should be doing that we are neglecting. They are often things that can bring more strengths into your life. They can also be things that remove weaknesses. Make a clear list of opportunities that you can discuss with those around you who care. This will take worry off your mind and help you succeed. Becoming the person that we are supposed to be is not always easy. Having a clear road map can be a great first step to improvement.


  1. What are My Threats?

Threats are weaknesses that are coming in the future. They are often neglected out of fear of thinking of them. If dealt with, they can remove all damage in the future. If ignored, they can wreck havoc in your life, and contribute to later negative thinking. Think carefully of threats, and handle them properly. If you do not know what they are, make sure you talk with a skilled person who can help you know what they are.


  1. Be With Others

Being alone contributes to negative thinking. Why? We were designed to be with other people. Neglect this step if the people in your life are far too negative themselves. Find people who encourage you and help you grow. Having people around you is really good. People who have friends live longer than those who do not. If you do not know how to make friends, practice being friendlier. It helps immensely.


  1. Be Honest

Stuffing your feelings inside you is a quick way to double your stress level. Make sure that you are sharing honestly how you feel. This will remove unhealthy negativity. If you do not have anyone to talk to, spend some time doing meditation exercise or prayer. That is the secret to getting rid of your negative attitudes.


  1. Do Not Criticize Other People

Criticizing other people tends to make you generally critical of yourself. Why? Because you are a person as well. If you criticize other people, you are criticizing something similar to you. In essence, you are yelling at the mirror. Cut it out, and watch your feelings about yourself and others improve.  


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