Celebrity smokers are a lot more common than many people think. There is something about the habit that attracts the famous, particularly beautiful women. Jennifer Aniston, one of the celebrity world’s most consistently gorgeous women, was a chain smoker for over 20 years of her life before finally quitting. It took her a long time, but she utilized many different techniques to stop.


1. Regular Exercise

Aniston was quoted in various outlets as saying she was addicted to both smoking and exercise. She also explained that she was dedicated to smoking for so long because it helped her avoid weight gain. This unfortunate logic kept her trapped in the grip of cigarettes for over half of her life.

However, she turned to exercise after finally quitting to control her potential weight gain. While she did put on a little weight after stopping, her regular exercise helped manage it. As a result, she hasn’t turned to smoking to stay thin again.

2. Yoga

Being an exercise fanatic helped Aniston drift off into the world of yoga. In fact, she attributes her final cessation of smoking to the relaxation techniques of this personal art. In fact, she wrote the intro to the book Yogalosophy, which was written by her yogic practice instructor.

In this introduction, she claims that her daily practice helped beat her cravings for both nicotine and caffeine. While this solution was the most successful for Aniston, it was by far the first she ever tried. There were many other attempts, some of which were more successful than others.

3. Hypnosis

The first time Aniston successful quit smoking for an extended period was around 2008. Inspired by tales of hypnosis cessation, she tried out this method for herself. It had worked for a time before she fell back into the habit.

The problem was that she had started to gain weight again and felt compelled to start smoking to control it. Perhaps that’s why exercise has been so important for her cessation attempts. As someone who is well-known for being thin, it is important that she maintain that look and style.


4. E-Cigarettes

Like many smokers trying to quit, Aniston tried e-cigarettes for awhile. She was contacted by the producer Solar Cigarette to try the product. Though e-cigarettes gave her the nicotine that she was craving, she eventually turned back to her real cigarettes.

Perhaps if she had tried vape mods or other e-cigarette DIY projects, she would have gotten more out of the product. While they didn’t work for her, they continue to work for celebrities and non-celebrities around the world.


5. Willpower

The most important method Aniston ever used to quit smoking was to use raw willpower. People can use all the cessation aides they want, but without a real desire to quit, they’ll likely inevitably fall right back into the habit. Before her use of exercise and yoga, Aniston had clearly not wanted to quit.

If she had been more dedicated to stopping when using e-cigarettes, for example, she would likely have been just as successful. That doesn’t imply that people who keep smoking are weak or have no willpower. It just means that willpower must be paired with a successful implementation of cessation aides.


Final Thought

While it took most of her life to accomplish it, Aniston was able to quit smoking successfully. Thankfully, any weight gain or negative side effects have been negated by a healthy lifestyle. For those who are trying to quit, she can serve as a strong example of the power of persistence and the importance of commitment.

For those who have the desire to stop, any of the methods mentioned above can be a useful way to quit. Just make sure to be serious about it. Without a true commitment, your smoking cessation aides simply won’t work for you.

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