Does it seem like your safe, predictable fortresses are coming apart? Are tried and true friendships suddenly less reliable? Is a job where you once excelled now merely a drain? Are you no longer able to gloss over and ignore frustrations or hurtful behavior?

You’re not alone! Our new age has brought with it a new paradigm, and honesty is showing. None of us can hide things anymore, or avoid the consequences of personal weakness or habitual neglect.

Growth like that hurts. We can exhaust ourselves with bitterness or recriminations. Sometimes we’d rather hide our faces and keep fooling ourselves. Is the light hurting your eyes?

This is a channeled message of insight and support from my Spirit Guide, Magdala. Like the most stalwart of friends, she tells it like it is. I think we all need some of her frankness as we move through these new Aquarian energies.

You are seeing into the very roots of your loved ones.

“You have noticed that the light of the present time seems brighter, more revealing. There is greater transparency to people, organizations, and events – often unintended. Interactions with others are sometimes less comfortable, more raw and unrehearsed, and startling.

“When people in your life externalize responsibility for their circumstances, project their fears onto others, or fail to act in their best interest, they are exposing their innermost selves to those who can see. Harsh words to others as an indictment of self has become noticeable. The masks are slipping and the daily playacting people do is no longer convincing you.

“This is a new age that demands truth and a certain leanness. What is not in integrity is falling away.  People’s hearts are being laid open, and their true motives and intentions are showing through the veneers of social acceptability or contrived civility.

“Disillusionment can be startling and deeply painful. You are seeing into the very roots of your loved ones now.  This calls for making decisions about what you have seen.

“Determine now that this truer vision will have positive outcomes in your life. This is a chance to see others for who they are – and where they are spiritually. It may be necessary to say goodbye to those whose paths are too divergent from yours. You may need to put distance between yourself and those people and situations that seem to invite negativity or be constantly embroiled in drama.

Ignorance is not bliss and delusion is not peace.

“These are lessons. When a friend’s heart is not in alignment with love, and there is taking advantage, untruth, or disloyalty, you must see the contents of that heart for what it is. Ignorance is not bliss and delusion is not peace.

“Keener perception has come to teach you, train you in discernment, and help you to release, retain, and attract at a higher vibration. Where windows can be thrown open to bring clearing and freshness to relationships and situations, by all means do so! Where benefits have become burdens, what once filled now empties you, and the taste has soured, let those realities drop like stones into the deep waters of the cleansing Earth.

Throw the ballast overboard and pick up speed.

“Exposed truths should lead to leanness, a smaller but more trustworthy inner circle, pared down practices, a sparseness that highlights the essentials. These are days for traveling light.

“Throw the ballast overboard and pick up speed, navigating by the weightlessness of light and air. Release heaviness gently, without anger or sadness – for those emotions create replacement density. This is a process much like reading the expiration dates on jars or noting the dead wood to be pruned from a tree. There is no resentment, just the power of acknowledgement of what needs to be relinquished.

“Ground yourself deeply and often. Let the unwavering blessing and transmutational power of your Earth mother feed, cleanse, and anchor you. This will help you to hold an unflinching gaze and process what you see with greater peace.

These are watchwords for these times: Truth – vision – authenticity – integrity – purity of heart – spiritual stability. Whether you’re charting a new course, or discovering unimagined topography along a true path, be light and feel the worth of what lies closest to the bone. You can never un-see or un-know, but you can settle down against the breast of the Earth and grow wise.”

Together, let’s choose that wisdom. May we find the peace that acceptance of the truth brings.

Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D. is the owner of Seven Stars Healing Arts, LLC and offers many in-person and distance services through her private practice. She is an Usui Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader, channeler and medium, animal communicator, spiritual teacher, and author. Visit her website at Purchase her books at





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