It can be easy to feel cramped when spending time inside your home, but if you’re fortunate enough to have outdoor space, you have a whole world of options you may not have even considered. A neglected front or backyard can quickly begin to wear on your spirit, but there are many different ways to transform it and make it feel uplifting. By taking a few important steps, you can create an attractive and functional outdoor space that works as a refuge—a place to retreat and energize both physically and mentally.

Use Comfortable Patio Furniture

Make it easy to lounge and relax in the outdoors by adding comfortable patio furniture that includes cushions and foot rests. A porch swing makes sitting outside and getting fresh air even more enjoyable. If you have a deck, the right patio furniture can allow you to sit, relax, and take in the beautiful views of the outdoors.

Plant a Garden

By planting a garden, you can infuse life into an otherwise uninspiring landscape. Peonies, tulips, and other flowers can give your outdoor space a burst of refreshing color. By planting vegetables, you can have a fresh supply of healthy ingredients to incorporate into your meals at home—and if you have extra, you can share with your friends and neighbors.

Keep Pests Under Control

While one of the most notable benefits of being outside is the exposure to nature, sometimes there’s a bit too much nature. In order to keep different types of critters off of your property and make it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors, you may want to consider investing in professional pest control services. Those who are planning on barbecuing or sitting by a bonfire during the summer months should look into mosquito control services to create a comfortable environment where you won’t be swatting at bugs. Avoid creating wood piles in the backyard or creating clutter in sheds, which can be inviting homes for termites. Tree branches should also be cut back to keep from giving animals access to the roof.

Add a Water Feature

A water feature will allow your front or backyard to feel tranquil and serene, producing soothing sounds. A fountain works well as a main focal points in the yard and can attract butterflies and birds to the water. You can even build a pond and add koi fish, giving the outdoor space a more professionally designed appearance. Those who want to have a bit of fun during the summer season can even build an inground pool, which can include a water fountain and a diving board.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Make it easy to cook outdoors during the warm Summer months by building an outdoor kitchen where you can entertain. Bhg recommends building a pizza oven or adding a barbecue where you can make dinner outside. A bar area and a mini refrigerator can also be included where cold drinks can be served where you’ll create a fun environment on the property.

More homeowners are also building outdoor dining areas, providing an outdoor oasis and potentially increasing the amount of privacy available. Use fences, lattices, and different types of landscaping to enclose the dining area and allow it to feel hidden from the rest of the yard. Add umbrellas or awnings to create extra shade that will prevent you from sitting in the heat as you eat.

Add a Bit of Romance

According to midwestliving, a romantic touch will grant your outdoor oasis that extra something to make it a true retreat. Consider using twinkling lights on the porch, or on a gazebo if you have one, which will make it more appealing to spend time in the space at night. You can also light some citronella candles, which are soothing and will keep bugs at bay. You can mount outdoor speakers on the posts of a patio cover where you can sit outside while and listen to calming music as you stargaze.

To ensure that you get the most use use out of the home, it’s important to invest in the outdoor setting. By building a relaxing outdoor space, you can give yourself a comfortable area to recharge and rejuvenate yourself at home.

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