stressed-1254396-640x480Stress is something that occurs naturally and can be a good thing at times. However, too much stress can cause even the best employee or manager to lose focus on what he or she is trying to accomplish. High levels of stress that occur regularly may also lead to health issues. What are some ways to help an individual reduce his or her stress level?

Reduce That Person’s Workload

One common source of stress is having too much work to do and too little time to get it done. If you see an employee who has too much on his or her plate, it may be a good idea to delegate one or more tasks to another person. It may also be a sign that you need to hire extra help on a temporary or permanent basis.

Give a Stressed Person Some Time Away

Those who are stressed may simply be working too hard and haven’t had time to take even a short break. In some cases, a simple walk around the office or a few extra minutes for lunch can help an individual clear his or her mind and get back to whatever needs to be done. However, workers who are chronically stressed may be best served with an entire day off or an extended vacation to think about something other than work.

Offer Yoga Classes or Massages at the Office

Yoga helps individuals learn to find inner peace and build core strength at the same time. The combination of mental and physical exercise may be enough to melt the stress away and help a worker overcome his or her worries. A massage is a good way to both relieve stress and help to ease any physical pain that may be leading to stress. Even a simple neck or shoulder massage during an employee’s lunch hour can be helpful.

Always Be Available to Talk

In both your professional and personal life, you may find that people are stressed because they have no outlet for their emotions. While some people may write poetry or simply go for a run when stressed, others may need someone else to talk and vent to. In many cases, simply being able to talk over a problem or issue is enough to calm a person down and help resolve the situation.

If someone does come to you with a problem, it is critical that you listen first and offer solutions second. Typically, an individual is trying to talk through that issue on his or her own and may already have a solution in mind or is not yet ready to pursue it. Furthermore, you don’t want to antagonize or insult a person who is trying to vent as it may only make the situation worse.

Provide Clarity Whenever Possible

At work, it can be extremely stressful to not know who to report to or how a job is supposed to be done. It can also be frustrating to not know how to use a particular machine or have to deal with the changing demands of a boss or a client. Therefore, make sure that your business process is streamlined and clear at all times. This makes it easier to both avoid confusion in most circumstances as well as make it easier to resolve any instances when a rule or policy may not be clear.

While stress is a normal reaction to many events in life, it shouldn’t have to be a chronic issue. If you or anyone you know seems stressed out, it may be a good idea to talk to that person or provide other ways in which that person can work through the issue that is causing the stress.

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