Shine your Light does not means smiling all the time (though it would be a nice goal ;-), it means knowing yourself, especially your fears. Why?

The more you know them, the less they are going to play a role in your life because you understand them and you know that your fears are just a protection mechanism, nothing else.

Fear tries to avoid growth and evolution, but your Soul is here to grow and to evolve: so how is it possible?

You need to recognize the voice of your fear from the voice of your Soul in order to progress and shine your Light.
This is what we’re going to share with you on August 3rd 2016 at 6pm (Rome time) at our Free Welcome Webinar “Shine your Light, let your Inspiration guide you towards happiness”, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask any question you have about it.

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“Shine your Light ” is a new approach to deal with stress, lack of confidence and fear that can stop you and your projects, impeding you to become the wonderful person you know you can be…

-Someone who travels his own road with courage and beauty, seeing possibilities everywhere.
-Someone in love with life, who is realizing the purpose of his life, doing what he loves to do.
-Someone able to build and keep authentic and lovely relationships with the partner, the kids, the colleagues or clients, family and friends.
-Someone who knows what want from life and knows how to receive it and live it to the fullest.
-Someone who’s joy is contagious and uplifts everybody around him.
-A happy person who is eager to live and feel more and more aliveness and passion in every area of his life, to spread and share it around like magic.
Reserve your seat here!

Elena Puntaroli and Lorenzo Sbrinci are educators, inspirational authors and speakers, founders of Cascate di Luce -Cascades of Light- a leading edge educational center that teaches joy by remembering the most important relationship of all: the one with your Inner Being or Soul. They have designed the Teachings of Light, a crystalline and innovative vision on emotions, way of thinking, relationships and purpose of life: a wonderful way to discover yourself and your infinite possibilities, reminding you that you are here to Shine your Light. They teach courses, individual and couple programs.

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