No matter how dumb or intellectually challenged you may be, if there’s one color that spells success – and one color that may actually help you exude that aura of confidence that you need when you walk in for an interview or sit in a meeting, it’s BLACK! Black just doesn’t go wrong at the workplace, and no matter how much you have of it in your wardrobe, it’s still less. Here are some black fashion essentials that are a must have in order to be successful.

Black heels


The fashion gurus say that what you wear on your feet should match what you carry in your hands or on your shoulder. That is true to an extent, but sometimes a big black bag may not necessarily be the ideal office pick especially if you’re stepping in for an interview – too casual. On the contrary, black shoes are always a winner at the workplace. If you’re walking in for an interview to nail that perfect job that pays you really well, or into a board room to discuss corporate strategy, your sassy black heels are going to help you put on a display of confidence that won’t go unnoticed because the first thing that people notie about your appearance are in fact your shoes. So you gtta be point on!



What’s a girl’s biggest concern when she’s dressing up? “I want to look bloody thin – no matter how fat I am!” Well, while skinnies may not really be all that healthy for your nervous system and muscles, the good news is that they’re the ultimate fashion key too looking slim and slender – that too when they’re black. Your looking more curvilicious is obviously an added perk – and who doesn’t like that at the workplace? Pair them with crisp white crop tops and a matching jacket to draw in your waistline and you’re all set for some figurative deception.

The black dress


How many black dresses do you own? One? Two? 5?  Nope… that’s still not enough! The black dress is a working woman’s weapon of mass-fashion destruction! And by that I mean her ultimate fashion essential for the workplace. There’s nothing that embodies strength, confidence and woman empowerment better than a black dress that fits just right.

Body confidence at the work


Remember SATC probably not – was rather forgettable anyway!  But what weren’t forgettable from the show were the style files and the uber chic and urban wardrobe. The show brought back the body confidence dress – bodycon, and gave an entirely new meaning to the term ‘corporate fashion.’ And yes of course, the bodycon is all about looking confident in something that makes your body look absolutely fantastic. It’s the mother of all fashion dresses for the workplace. Coming in black, the dress makes you look even thinner.

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