Practising appreciation …We are often so much into the things that happen in our lives -at work and in our relationships- that sometimes it seems we are losing the land under our feet and we have no center. We feel pull to one side to the other, because the expectations, obligations and responsibilities are so numerous, that it seems there is little time for something else. In the long run, this way of life can reveal its downsides: frustration, irritation, dissatisfaction or even physical or psychological discomforts. A simple thing that can anchor us again to ourselves, taking a gulp of oxygen, is the practice of appreciation.

Appreciating means turning pleasant and loving thoughts and emotions towards everything: people, situations, places … Appreciation can be applied to everything and within seconds it can changes our mood, because when we appreciate, we cannot loath at the same time or complain about something because they are very opposing vibrations. A few minutes a day of appreciation can help us to regain our center and to feel love flowing in our hearts.

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We often naturally appreciate, without even realizing it, but if we start being aware of it; we can consciously use this tool even when we need it most. And we can start from very small things. When we are in bed, we can express the thoughts-feelings of appreciation for the warm duvet and sheets that surround us, the softness of the pillow and so on… When it rains we can appreciate this gift from heaven that bathes all plants and trees, offering them refreshment… We can appreciate what we wear, what we eat, what we do, the words that we can address to someone, the music we listen to, the tasks that we do today because they facilitate the work of tomorrow, we can appreciate the blue sky …

In any situation we can always find something to appreciate, it is simply an aptitude to develop, especially if we have not been educated to be appreciative of life. It is only a matter of practice to become increasingly prone to appreciation. Appreciation is a quality to assimilate. When we do appreciate, we stop for a moment to find something beautiful in what surrounds us. Although sometimes it may seem that there is anything to appreciate, it is a matter of focus. By directing our focus to what already goes well and what gives us the slightest of relief, we are learning how to allow the good in our lives. Don’t be discouraged if at first you tend more to complain than to appreciate: appreciation is like a flower that needs some time to blossom!

Elena and Lorenzo Sbrinci

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