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I know this is a big claim, but I deeply believe that if you are a spiritual entrepreneur, you are saving The World! Many people see The World as doomed – but they aren’t seeing the bigger picture. People on Earth have been enslaved and fooled for a long, long time. We have had, trauma, crippling beliefs and authority crushing our spirits and purposely keeping us stuck. So much so that our ancestors had no idea they were stuck. Many people today still don’t know.

Thanks to the invention of technology – we are now connected. We have access to absolutely anything we want to know in mere seconds or minutes and we share with each other. I believe we are becoming telepathically connected in a higher way. Thanks to social media and the internet, we are much more aware of each other’s presence. It is a part of the spiritual revolution that is happening on this planet.


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Thank you internet!


I have helped many people with my transformational healing work. Some as I traveled The World, but for the most part – it has been online. Clients I’ve never met and many viewers I’ve never even talked to or known. They have seen my videos, read my blogs or joined my Vibrant Success Club Membership Site and have been profoundly effected by my work. I know this because they tell me. Some in email, some in comments and others when they meet me at my events.

But it’s not just me. I say this because it’s you too! All spiritual entrepreneurs are making a massive difference. We are helping The World be a better place, one person at a time. This is actually a big deal! This is how epic World change happens.

A spiritual entrepreneur doesn’t have to be a healer, they can simply be someone pursuing their passions and having the intention to help people in a wonderful way. They affect their clients positively. They bring a good name to business. Because business and sales is actually meant to be a noble pursuit! It is supposed be win win for everyone involved – and spiritual entrepreneurs make sure their services are.


Making Business An Awesome Place

Making Business An Awesome Place

Everything that is wrong with this Earth is compounding and heading towards a tipping point. A tipping point is where a series of small changes or incidences all add up and become significant enough to cause a larger and more important change. When things get really bad, eventually it all tips over and a revolution begins! It works on the physics premise that one extreme will eventually create an equal and opposite extreme. It always happens!

This is why everything that seems to be getting worse, will be in our favor before too long. Because people are starting to pay attention – even those most asleep and programmed to be normal and not step out of line. So yes, you could see how bad things are getting with Monsanto, the ruined education system, pollution, the puppet government & New World Order, and about 50 other prominent issues I could easily name… It’s also getting better!

I have traveled The World, living in different countries since 2008. Growing up, I was always a misfit and misunderstood, so I made it my intention to only surround myself with people who understood me. This meant I have met pockets of spiritual type people all over The World – some were party people, others were yogis and others still have been entrepreneurs.

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So many GOOD people are coming together now!

The thing we all have in common is that we are waking up! We KNOW what is wrong with The World and we don’t follow blindly. The so called normal people who call us weird – they are the misguided ones. I call them ‘The Normals’. The weird ones follow their hearts, they feel their emotions, many push themselves to the brink and have meltdowns (but come through the other side stronger, more aligned with their purpose).

We SEE what is happening in The World and rather than playing the victim and fooling ourselves – we deal with our emotions, we spread joy as much as we can and we march to the beat of our own drum. We are taking action. For many it is simply to heal themselves.

I focused on that step for years before I became a professional transformational healer and coach. That is the essential step we all must take. Self-healing is the catalyst that is changing The World for the better!

As we all experience how bad things are getting – rather than folding and ignoring our true callings like mindless drones (which seems to be this master plan for the psychopaths running The World) – we are actually waking up. So many people are turning to real healing. They are healing their wounds and realizing how powerful they are as people… We ARE powerful! We CAN heal anything! We are made of God Stuff and anything is possible.


You are made of star stuff - every cell of your being is conscious and so is every atom in the universe!

You are made of star stuff – every cell of your being is conscious and so is every atom in the universe!


So rather than being victimized by the craziness being orchestrated in this World – we are becoming champions. Not warriors, because that is OLD fighting language. We are moving into The Light. We are sharing our healing love with The World because we are Champions of The Light. I know this sounds poetic, but I mean it quite literally. There is a profoundly spiritual transformation happening on Earth right now and we are part of it!

If you are reading this, then I know you are too. Your need to help people, to share Love, to heal yourself and make The World a better place is such a powerful part of this revolution. Every person you help to love themselves more, to see the truth in The World – that anything can be changed if they only change themselves.

This is a freaking revolution – it is radical! Success is not an event. It is a habit and a series of small seemingly inconsequential steps (just like a tipping point). I believe the same goes for each of us spiritual entrepreneurs. It may seem like we are just helping people on a small scale. But it’s NOT a small scale.

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Keep following your heart!

As you help people to release their shame, or overcome their limiting beliefs that keep them in self-loathing or help them change their poverty consciousness you are raising the vibration of this Earth, you are freeing one more person. We are programmed as a species to evolve with each other. We catch each others thoughts – emotions and beliefs are infectious in the truest sense of The World.

This is why it is epic – the more people you help, the more people they will ‘infect’ with their empowering mindset. Together we truly are revolutionizing society and the people on this planet!

When people are empowered, they do not blindly follow. They make their own decisions and importantly they are kind! Only miserable people make other people miserable. All abusers have been abused. So we need to heal the abusers and we need to heal the victims.

We all deserve to be empowered and this what we are doing as healers and spiritual entrepreneurs! So don’t think what you do isn’t making a difference. It is making a massive difference! Because there are millions of us now. And the light we share, it is the truth. It is profound. We are having our own tipping point.

Haven’t you noticed that more and more of ‘The Normals’ are becoming open to healing and talking about energy? Haven’t you noticed that more and more of us ‘weird ones’ feel free to be ourselves?

We are the leaders of truth If not, believe me… It is happening. As you heal your wounds and commit to being choosy with who you spend your time with – you will meet more like minded people as well.

Acknowledge the good you do - it's important!

Acknowledge the good you do – it’s important!

I encourage you to understand how important you are in the scheme of things. You are an essential key. We are all important and making a difference in our own way. I believe that this work is sacred and a valuable key to the spiritual transformation happening on this planet that IS freeing people from their emotional, physical and mental prisons.

No matter what you are going through, what you have done or how ready you feel – you are already part of it. Because you are reading this and I am writing this to you. You are worthy, powerful and you care. The very fact that you care about helping people and making The World a better place is creating an intention to do so.

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Acknowledge every person who’s day you brighten. Be happy for every person you help. Breathe in compliments literally and let it in. Because the more you acknowledge the good you are doing, the more good you will do. The more good you do, the quicker our spiritual tipping point comes and together, this Earth will be free.

If any of this resonates with you, head over to my own personal blog and sign up for one of my many free gifts. I help gifted healers, spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders ready to shine to unlock their potential, reprogram their money mindset and manifest their dreams into reality. It is very powerful work. You can find me at The Vibrant Success Club here. 

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