We wish you a surprising 2016, full of fulfilled wishes and happiness! We wish you to be in contact with your Soul and to live the purpose of your life. We wish you this for every year, month and week as you’re here to thrive and to live to the fullest.If we can support you in this, we’ve just released “Shine your Light, let your inspiration guide you towards happiness” video course, to offer you precious and practical advice on how to do it. In “Shine your Light, let your inspiration guide you toward happiness” video course we’ll guide you through 8 rays to tackle the patterns you wish to change in order to shine your Light and become the wonderful person you know you can be…

-Someone who travels his own road with courage and beauty, seeing possibilities everywhere.

-Someone in love with life, who is realizing the purpose of his life, doing what he loves to do.

-Someone able to build and keep authentic and lovely relationships with the partner, the kids, the colleagues or clients, family and friends.

-Someone who knows what want from life and knows how to receive it and live it to the fullest.

-Someone who’s joy is contagious and uplifts everybody around him.

-A happy person who is eager to live and feel more and more aliveness and passion in every area of his life, to spread and share it around like magic.

9 videos in mp 4 format for a total of 6 hours     Cost:147€

“Thanks for showing me how to refine my diamond and for being such a sharp guide. Your light has helped mine to become more present and brilliant. I have not enough words to say thanks!”                                                 Martina, Bologna (Italy)

Description of the 8 rays/modules of the video course:

Ray 1 “Ignite the flame” There is a flame of joy within you and you nurture this flame with your desires and aspirations. Stress, frustrations, fears and self-doubts, can switch off your flame. However you don’t have to fight them -but rather to understand them- as they offer a clear indication of where you are. Itineraries of Light: Revision of your Space, Dances and Baths of Light and the Sculptor of the Soul.

Ray 2 “Voice your desires” You desire joy and you are meant to experience it in order to truly live the purpose of your life, in your relationships, career and spirituality. We’ll teach you how to identify your joy to voice your desires and how to interpret the language of Soul: your emotional guidance system. Itineraries of Light: Why do you want it? Appreciation and the Creative Oasis.

Ray 3 “Let your resources spring” Stressful situations can undermine your identity and value: the important thing is to transform these emotional states, before they transform you. It is vital to draw to your resources: there is a whole world waiting to be explored within you. Itineraries of Light: the Book of Positive aspects, Soul Touch and the Emotional Lab.

Ray 4 “From fear to trust” Do you live the presence or lack of your desire? Everything is 2 aspects and when you are focusing the lack of it you are in a space of fear and judgement; when you are focusing the presence of it, you are in a space of trust and love. Itineraries of Light: Water Crystals, Beyond the boundary line and Rooms of Light.

Ray 5 “Listen to and follow your inspiration” Inspiration is your wisest and most authentic part and when you are able to listen to and follow it you feel good, you’re aligned to your desires, you’re excited and vibrant and you spontaneously unleash a Light of love that enlightens your path, making everything clear. Itineraries of Light: Space of Light, the Language of the Spiral: color, sound and movement, Tale of Light.

Ray 6 “Enter the realm of infinite possibilities” How reality is created? According to quantum physics there are different possible futures and each future exists in a dormant state until it is awakened by the choices made in the here and now. This is the power of your thoughts –that combined with your emotions- can change your reality. Itineraries of Light: Creative Imagination and Letter from your Best Version.

Ray 7 “Ask and it is given” Asking means offering a signal, a vibration that will match a corresponding one. The 3 phases of the creative mechanism are: -Asking (it is ours) -The answer is given (is not ours but of the Source) -The answer needs to be received or allowed (it is ours). Itineraries of Light: Wouldn’t it be nice if … and Bread of Life.

Ray 8 “Shine your Light” When you shine your Light you discover that the ultimate purpose of life is evolution and that you are meant to become your most wonderful version by shining your talents and living in the realm of infinite possibilities. Joy is the measurement of success. Itineraries of Light: What’s my purpose? Fantastic Journey and your Best Version.

Dr.Elena Puntaroli and Lorenzo Sbrinci               http://www.cascatediluce.com/en/video-courses/

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