How to Use Christmas Spirit to Manifest Your Desires in 2016!

By Alexandra Dennis

25th December 2015

‘Tis the Season… that we use words like “Tis” and “T’was!” In the Energy of the Solstice and Full Moon, through a magical window, I am sharing this Message, as inspired by the Children. The Angels of Christmas.

At this time of year, one person we have all heard a lot about, no matter what your personal beliefs are, is Santa Claus.

Now I’m going to go right out on a Christmas Tree limb here and say, and kids everywhere will back me up on this, that Santa is a pretty awesome guy!

Think for a moment about a time when you might have written a letter to Santa as a child, or have gone to see him in a shopping centre, to tell him about your hopes and dreams for Christmas.

I’ve written letters to Santa and I can remember how they went. The loveliest thing about Santa is that regardless of whether we have been naughty or nice, generally we can count on Santa!

Most kids will go through a brief period of self-assessment when writing their personal Christmas Wish List for Santa.

Kids are not as hard on themselves as we adults are in this area.

A bit like an exam, we hope we might have gotten a good score, and if 50% is the passing point, we hope that Santa Claus knows we are not perfect. After all, he has to realize, seeing as he sees us when we’re sleeping and knows when we’re awake – that basically we’re a good kid and we deserve what we’ve asked for.

Even if we’re not sure, most kids have a go, as children practice active Faith. They ask for the bike, and they imagine themselves riding it. They ask for the doll, and they imagine themselves cuddling it.

They ask for the truck, and they imagine themselves playing with it. They smile in the knowing that Santa is a really sweet guy.

He is filled with the unconditionally loving and limitless spirit of happiness and goodwill. We usually think of him as more forgiving than our parents – and we believe we deserve what we are asking for.

Naturally, we hope we get it, and we keep our fingers crossed that Santa will deliver exactly what we have asked for. He’s got a huge reputation for delivering our cherished desires.

If only we as adults could think of God in exactly the same way! Now I don’t want to get too specific about names, after all these are akin to “labels” – so for the purpose of this article’s message (and I hope it will be received Universally in the spirit of highest loving intentions) – so I will say this much…

Some might recognize Him by other names: Source Energy, The Universe, the Creator, just to name a few. God is such a personal relationship for all of us. Just as our human relationships are all uniquely different, all of us essentially as mirrors, reflecting God. These are a physical extension of our relationship with Heaven.

When we connect with God, we think we have to hold our hands together in prayer, becoming all of a sudden intentionally serious and holy about our use of words.

Usually when we are in the midst of prayer, the emotion is at a default setting, related to the nature of our enquiry or request.

God of course hears our prayers, but what people do not realize is that they are praying 24/7. Every word they speak, each statement they make, is a directive to the Universe.

And coupled with this, the intention or feeling behind their words is very potent and powerful, directing their request like an arrow fired into a target.

No-body ever misses, all arrows reach their target – and the more emotional energy behind the statement, the stronger and faster it is propelled in to the air. The target is the Heart, all words are felt.

Gentle words heal, and words that make people laugh have super healing energy. Harsh words are not just damaging to others, but also are “heard” by one’s own self – and energetically integrated.

God notes everything, and unless we state otherwise, (retracting requests intentionally and replacing it with a positive alternative) God has officially taken our order.

There are scribing angels that act as secretaries for God, and all is documented, and put into God’s giant “To Do Basket”.

Do not hesitate for a moment to think that God will not get it done.

God is a logistical genius and an excellent choreographer.

As the Divine Designer, he pulls all the synchronistic strings to create perfect windows of opportunity to bring our wishes and statements into the physical.

Heaven works beyond all of Time and limitation. So God can see exactly how to bring about what we have requested. He can see from a very high perspective in co-ordinating behind the scenes.

It’s not the Universe’s job either, to form an emotional attachment to what has been asked for. Just like electricity is neither good nor harmful, it is the use of such energy that determines the outcome.

Think of times when some things have manifested very quickly and almost as soon as we’ve asked. Yet sometimes this takes longer, and when there is a delay this is when we make the mistake of imagining that our prayers have not been heard.

God hears and answers all prayers and requests. Sometimes He gives us a little longer – to see if our request could be fine-tuned.

Maybe even rubbed off the blackboard and replaced with a much more appropriate request, one more fitting to who we are today.

This is the human “time platform” that allows for our continuous evolution. Even when we are gone from the Earth we all continue evolving. Though I’m talking presently about a real-time physical experience here – the human experience.

And manifestation of our desires into this – as taking on “form” within our physical life experience, bringing our desires to life.

So when you are speaking, be very mindful of the words you use, because just like Santa, God is always listening – and so are we!

Let us take a lesson from the children of the world as the Season is upon us. Children always have a try, they do not sit there thinking: “Oh no, I’ve been so naughty that I just may as well not even ask!”

They expect that Santa will deliver. They do not entertain any guilt about their Christmas Wish List, they don’t self sabotage, and they are completely open to receiving exactly what they’ve asked for.

I have NEVER known of a child to ask for something and then when it appears under their Tree, to go and throw into the rubbish bin!

Have you? Of course not! And they know it can’t go back, anyway.

It’s so important to understand that words are our magical order, and God (the Santa of all Santa’s and Heart of Hearts) is listening – all the time!

In these modern day times, imagine that sending a request out to the Universe is like writing an Email to God. The attachments that we choose must match our request for our message to be clearly understood.

Imagine the energy file attached (Vibration) as the “.vib” format.

Children will often cut out a “picture” to put in with their letter to Santa, just in case he isn’t a fully clear about the exact bike they saw and fell in love with. This gives information in multiple ways.

God may not bring the exact bike in the picture, but he’s going to get it pretty close, because nobody knows us better than Santa!

Except for God, He who knows us better than we know ourselves. As all of our Hearts are part of the One Huge Heart.

He works beyond earthly timeframes, knows the perfect times to deliver and works 365 days a year, 366 leap year, 24 hours a day.

God’s workshop is never closed, so whatever’s in your Heart this Christmas, know God has heard and prepares to deliver your gift. Exactly as you’ve asked – and in perfect Divine Timing.

Sometimes a child might want a bike yet God knows they have not learned to ride one properly yet, so their bike might be scheduled for the next year! God always gives us what we ask, or something even better that is tailor made for our personal needs.

The Angels of Christmas remind us about Faith, Hope and Charity:

Faith – Just like Santa, count on God to deliver!

Hope – Regardless of our opinions, we are deserving of the highest good we desire. Hope breathes our desires into physical manifestation. Remember, all requests are noted. Know our desires are already spinning to life in the Ether. Prepare as God is already answering. Pray for crystal clarity if you are unsure. Ask yourself: Do I really want what I wish for? If so, then ask, and leave the timing to God.

Charity – God is a generous Heart who does not form an opinion. He just delivers – so be mindful of that which you might have asked for. You never know when your delivery will arrive! Trust in God as the Master Santa of Surprises.

Know – God’s Elves are our Angels! Amen.

The Children have spoken and I’ve heard them clearly. This is the Spirit of Christmas… everyday! Here I extend light far and wide to wish all reading this a happy, safe and peaceful Holiday Season! Peace on Earth, goodwill to mankind.

Blessings, love and light,

Alexandra ♥


Alexandra Dennis,

New Thought Author & Spiritual Teacher

Melbourne, Australia.



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