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We are happy to announce the release of the second episode of our inspirational children’s book series “Palloncino”:

“The first flight”!

It is an exciting moment: Palloncino experiences his first flight! He learns how to fly freely in the Skies of Possibilities through remembering the Source of Love that he comes from and integrating this with the understanding of his Inner Compass, a way to listen to his emotions and choose his travels.

Cop english Palloncino

You can read an extract and get the book on Amazon:


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And “Education of Light, a creative vision for a school inspired by desires” (this book is in Italian, but below we offer you an overview!)

“Dedicated to the child in each and every one of us … So that it never ceases to laugh, skip, dream…”

Education of Light is an original and innovative educational paradigm that is inspired by our Teachings of Light, the Teachings of Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks) and the most recent discoveries of quantum physics, concerning the endless and creative possibilities of the mind, associated with the emotions. It is education to the wonder and the beauty of life, an invitation to a joyous self expression to live a happy and realized life. More than preparing kids for life, Education of Light inspires them to live life here and now, because more than lessons to be learnt, life is to be lived.

This is a leading edge school for open minds and pure hearts. It is for those who are wishing to imagine and co-create a reality which reflects their dreams. It is an evolutionary school, a laboratory for research and experimentation with knowledge, so that it becomes dynamic knowledge: lived, applied and represented via the language of the soul-spiral, which includes sound, movement and colour.

Education of Light teaches the great role that emotions play in your life as they are an indicator which helps you to recognize the degree of resonance you have with everything. Recognising this simple yet not-so-used mechanism, offers you the certainty that you can always rely on yourself to feel what suits you best. This releases a great deal of self confidence and power because you acknowledge your own voice … it is a priceless gift!

Having fun is one of the foundations of Education of Light and this is encouraged and supported by science (Neuroplasticity studies) which has discovered that learning is more effective and immediate if associated with positive emotions. Learning is a spontaneous process that stems from the natural desire of each human being to always be something more, living life as an adventure. Education of Light inspires the learning of cheerful and light-hearted subjects, because when we find enthusiasm in what we do, our hearts sing. We are dealing with life in a different way, as a new awareness arises. Here are a few examples of subjects, though this list could be endless:

Education to Beauty

Appreciation Laboratory

Love and Relationships

History of the Future Lab.

Original Solutions Lab.

Inspiration and Intuition

The Enlightened Way to make your Desires fly

The Spiral of Emotions

The vibrational Frequency of Desires

Mathematics of Space

Laws of the Universe (Law of Attraction, Science of deliberate Creation, Art of Allowing)

Dream of Light


Fantasy and Creative Imagination

The magic of Talents

Emotional Lab.

Joy and Success

Ethical Economy

Movement Education

Inspirational Literature

Foreign Languages and Travel

Dance and Bath of Light

“Soul Touch” Massage

Science of Light (Quantum Physics)

Biology of Beliefs

Positive Aspects Lab.

Colours and Art





Vision …

The curriculum is co-created by the teachers and students according to the universal principle, “Ask and It is Given”. In other words, the curriculum arises from the points of attraction and desires of the teachers and students.


Education of Light is an inspiring way to see life and its wonders through the eyes of Source. This always happens whenever you feel love, passion, excitement, freedom, joy, expansion, power, vitality and possibilities … It is a school of wellness, where you become more and more the Light that you already are, to live your talents fully and to live the life you intended.

This is the education of the new century, a practical school to master your thoughts, emotions, relationships, career path and every life experience you choose to live. It is the education for the children and adults of the New Era, the Era of Light; for experiencing joy, freedom, and love as natural qualities. It is a place to co-create uplifting emotions and new combinations of words that create new relationships, new businesses, new visions and new ideas … a new society.

Rather than teaching children how to perform, we teach them how to be happy, because when they are in a state of joy every action that follows is in flow, inspired, effortless. We teach that they can be much more productive when they first align their thoughts with who they really are before taking action. This is true alignment, true productivity because the action comes from love and not fear of judgement. This brings every possible bliss  … We teach how to feel good, how to be happy and in flow. We give a lot of attention to the journey, rather than the manifestation of the desires, because we spend most of the time journeying. Manifestation is inevitable, as we are creators, it is our natural talent and if we stop worrying so much about this final destination, we can have more fun during the trip. The meaning of life is in living joyfully … at least most of the time 😉

Lorenzo bebè

Who Education of Light is for?

Education of Light is a book that explains how to inspire and uplift kids, adolescents and adults, as the principles are the same. Education of Light is written for teachers, parents, home-schooling parents, coaches, life seekers and everyone involved in the educational and self-development field.  Education of Light is the answer to the modern lack of meaning and emotional/psychological support in schools and society. Most schools have to hire counsellors in order to prevent and deal with youth problems.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we raised a generation of present, solid, centred and ready-to-fly adolescents who have always been taught that life is an amazing adventure; that they are here to gather information and then decide what they want and go for it; who have a deep understanding of emotions and relationships; and who know how to speak from the heart without fear?

What if we can have a generation of teachers that embraces understanding and empowerment of the human beings: magnetic teachers whose purpose is to share with kids their excitement for life and that, like spiritual mentors, lead children in recognizing that their own emotional guidance system will help them make the choices that most resonate in their lives? Wouldn’t it be just fantastic to uplift someone, providing such enlightened education? Isn’t it the real meaning of education, the reason why most teachers started their careers? Many of them have lost the initial enthusiasm because they have lost contact with this truth. Education of Light restores the status of education to the highest rank, as it determines how we are going to feel, perceive and embrace life.

As Steiner and Montessori were the educational paradigms of the last century, Education of Light is the education of the new century. There are already democratic schools that invite the principle of freedom in their curriculum and it is absolutely awesome.

Education of Light not only provides freedom, but adds a holistic vision of the human being and its creative powers through the Law of Attraction and the other laws of the Universe, along with a deep understanding of the emotions and their meaning. We already know that Education of Light will not only be popular amongst the kids, but also amongst … sooo many adults!

This book is the answer for kids whose parents are familiar with spiritual principles but who could only dream of such an open-minded education for their children. Education of Light is inspired by the “Teachings of Abraham”, and as there are so many people resonating with these principles, Education of Light would be the next logical step to put Abraham’s Teachings into an educational setting.

Our books -Education of Light and Palloncino’s series- teach spiritual principles by entertaining and, most of all, focusing on JOY as the highest teaching of all, because for us, real success passes through joy. Anything else that does not bring joy and lightness, it is not so important. Our books empower the child’s unique point of view, embracing his sensitivity and offering power to his feelings, rather than imparting something of external. This is our greatest strength.

Table of contents:

The book “Education of Light” consists of 8 chapters and each of them corresponds to a colour of the rainbow: a metaphor that creativity and colours are at the basis of the Universe we live in. The last chapter is white, because it signifies the light spectrum which contains the whole rainbow.

Copertina Educazione di Luce


Here is the structure of our rainbow-book:


  • Red Joy is the purpose of education

Let the Light Shine

The sparkling Diamond

Education for self expression

Education for the meaning of life

Seeking Passion

Education is for all ages

Ask and it is Given: the key of education

Light shows a Rainbow of Colours

An Inspired educator Inspires others

  • Orange Embracing a broader perspective

The vibrational nature of Being

The relationship between parents and children

From concern to positive attention

Attention is Love

From obligation to Pleasure

The evolution of acceptance: the Art of Allowing

Meditation is allowing

The power of Appreciation

Turn on a Luminous network

Education about the continuity of life

  • Yellow Co-creating a leading edge school

An Innovative education creates an Innovative society

The school offers Evolution

The school of my Dreams

Everything is education

Exploring the unknown

Living the experience of the Journey

Different meanings create different realities

There are always more Possibilities

  • Green The spiral model for an Infinite education

The Wisdom of the Heart

Make space to listen

Structure and flexibility

A wide open program

Freedom of choice

The freshness of co-creative teaching

Desire Illuminates knowledge

The preciousness of individual differences

Personalizing educational paths

Self-assessment is personal responsibility

  • Blue Creativity and Imagination

Freedom inspires Creativity

Creativity is the call of your Soul

Inspired and Fun subjects

The game of co-creating

Thoughts, words and images create reality

Imagining the future and rewriting the past

An example of Creative Imagination

Be a Creator of Images

Creating Beauty

Talents at work

  • Indigo The pursuit of Inspiration and Intuition

Stimulating Initiative

The game of Inspiration

Teaching through the language of the Spiral: colour, sound and movement

Wonders in nature

Emotional Learning

The dynamic version of knowledge

Sacred Spaces and intervals

Connecting the dots … to see the thread that connects all

Follow what Attracts you

Trust your Intuition

Honour your Inner Wisdom

  • Purple How to Dream

The substance that generates Life

Desires: signs of the Soul

Singing Desires

Dancing the Infinite

The Law of Attraction leads the way

The euphoria of co-creating


Educating for Lightness

Look at the positive aspects … always!

  • White Educating for Freedom

Slow down to listen

The courage to change

Balancing being and doing

The way of Harmony

Contacting yourself

Loving yourself

The art of Listening to children

Freedom of choice

The structure of Joy

Expression is Life


Acknowledgments and Appreciations

Much love,

Elena and Lorenzo Sbrinci


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