It is important how you feel, far more important than what you do, as it is your point of attraction. Many people believe that they have to do an action in order to get something, but action is not the first thing to do.

Seek alignment first: feel good about what you desire and feel that it is already here and for your highest good. Then, when you feel inspired, you can do whatever action is calling you. It will be an inspired action, much more powerful than any other action you could perform.

You are here to experience a wonderful life experience and what you feel attracted by, has a link with your soul’s purpose, so go for it!

4 Dalla paura alla fiducia

But don’t get trapped in a “must have it” mentality: in this way you’re resisting the flow and you’re not enjoying life. Thus, first start enjoying what you already have, the little things you may take for granted every day … like the running water when you take a shower, a roof that make you feel safe, a delicious meal, a walk in nature, the fresh air you breath, the soft pillow on your bed and so on.

Remember that you’re here to allow wellness and whatever makes you feel good in your life. You’re not here to fight to get it: this is a resistant and stressed mentality that does not allow playfulness or lightness in your life.

I invite you to co-create your reality from this space of love and joy, because in doing so, you also fulfill the meaning of life.

Here is how you can recognize when you co-create from a space of love: you feel happy, serene, peaceful and excited for the good that is coming to you. And you fully trust that it is well along the way.

 When you co-create from a space of stress, you feel tense, totally focused on what you want and how to get it. You forget that is not your job to figure out “how” to get what you want. You do not remember that you are here to decide what you like and then feel good about it, trusting that your request has been already answered. Otherwise, you feel good when things go well and you don’t feel good when things go bad.

But when you co-create from a space of love you always (or at least most of the time) feel good as you know that you are love, you are much loved and your purpose in life is to express your love in whatever forms your feel like. And when you express this abundance of love, you always get back the most wonderful synchronicity, situations, and relationships that life could ever offer you. So … what wonders and magic would you like to create in your life?

Dr.Elena Puntaroli and Lorenzo Sbrinci

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