Spiritual Awakening in the Heaven of Spiritual Mastership


A Sneak Peak Inside the Book Thousands of Visits to Heaven and the Heart of God

In the cycles of time and space, in both dark ages and golden ages on Earth and many planets the world spiritual “Master” is used very loosely.

At one time for myself and others we just guessed or assumed a being or beings were Masters simply because they spoke words of wisdom not of the physical world, performed magic or healings, could foresee the future in the Akashic records, had razor sharp minds and keen technology or had certain astral powers like opening of the third eye to see the unseen (the astral vision).

Before my husband Allen Feldman and I wrote the book: Thousands of Visits to Heaven and the Heart of God, just a few years earlier we studied the teachings of a being who we called a Master.  We did out of body travel to heavens for decades, saw ecstatic inner wonders and this Spiritual Teacher did Magic such as miracles and healings, he read the Akashic records and could see the future, and he could meet out of body with his students on the Astral plane.

But after decades of studying this way we then began on a whole other level of spiritual awakening.  It was the realization that we do not spiritually awaken just once but many, many times. Of course this is not possible if we hold on to previous training or dogmatic opinions.  It is like the Star Wars character Yoda so eloquently said, “You must unlearn what you have learned.”



We leave one “Matrix” only to discover that we are in another.  Upon bringing our out of body travel to a much higher level we had out of body experiences and saw on the inner planes that the “Master” we looked to could not bring us beyond the Astral plane.  Very often the Super physical or Astral Masters are mistaken for God Realized Spiritual Masters.  It is as my husband Allenji has said, “The Teacher can only bring you to the level of heaven which he resides.”

This was a traumatic discovery for us.  It shook up everything that we build our lives upon devoting ourselves to a specific group and teachers. The moment we were able to let go and let God…we were then shown something at a whole other level of realization.

We were with the help of VARDAN Spiritual Travelers and Soul Flight beyond time and space released from the Astral Plane fun house, carnival of psychic wonders, angels, glowing beings, astral light and magic and past the lower heavens called the Causal plane where the Akashic Records are stored and far past the heaven of manifestation and mind otherwise called the mental plane with the Universal Mind Power (the negative power) and were shown brilliant heavenly universes unlike any of those commonly known.

In those heavenly worlds the mind is left behind in the worlds below, the astral and causal senses like Clairvoyance and Clairaudience are also left behind in the lower worlds below.  Instead one perceives with total awareness of pure Soul.  Those Pure Positive God Worlds we experienced opened up spiritual universes so profound beyond the conception of mind.

The VARDAN Masters then gave us spiritual training, spiritual guidance and spiritual inspiration unlike anything we experienced in countless prior lives under the tutelage of various wise Spirit Guides, Angels, Disembodied Mystery School Masters, Teachers or Gurus we had a spiritual education from before.

Just a few days ago Allenji and I published on Amazon a book, Thousands of Visits to Heaven and the Heart of God. It was sheerly a joy to do out of body travel with him to these fantastic heavens and let the VARDAN (divine spirit) bring back something so life changing.  So I wanted to share a sneak peak inside the book in chapter five about the Soul Plane which is the heaven of Self Realization:


“Within the center of this sparkling brilliant whiteness and shimmering sound was a greater concentration of brilliance, a brilliant presence of all-encompassing magnitude. This brilliant presence was that of Sat Nam, a divine reflector of God.

The 5th Plane refers to the Soul Plane, that region beyond energy, matter, time and space in the Pure Positive God Worlds. Not to be confused with what some call the 5th dimension in the lower worlds.

There was an appearance of almost hovering and glowing with a vast internal light.  He was not God itself but the first true manifestation or pure reflector of the HURAY of the God Worlds: Sat Nam meaning true identity.

The light that flowed from Sat Nam flowed out like a cosmic shock wave throughout this infinite universe.  He existed in the core like being in a brilliant cloud of light which to me resembled light vapors like that from a frozen explosion of brilliant particles that appear in a flash of pure spirit radiance.

He was in a sense like a youth yet composed entirely of a brilliant light or pure spirit substance. While doing a loving spiritual exercise waves of light rolled from him echoing out in all directions like a cosmic wave of brilliant white particles.

He communicated not in words but in impressions, “Just as the cloud saturated with water vapor is, you must be saturated with the VARDAN (spirit with light and sound) and the Master. Your consciousness filled with it and then you become this sound and greater light yourself.”

“You are a child of the cosmic current; born of the VARDAN. In duel awareness you can be at once in the physical world and simultaneously in the Pure Positive Worlds.  The Sailor keeps his eyes to the North Star. Always he steers his ship by this light, knowing it will guide him home.”

Sat Nam’s last words here are significant.  In a sense when we choose a Master we are also choosing a destination.


Contrary to popular opinion the vast majority of spiritual Teachers or sages on Earth and other worlds can give Soul a spiritual education and yet lead us to the vast glorious heavens of the Astral and Causal planes. For example if we are only open to seeing angels then often we shall see many angels.  Or if we love the heaven of manifestation then this is what we shall see.  However, if we are truly serious about finding spiritual freedom, graduating from reincarnation and becoming truly self realized and even spiritual Masters then it becomes our sacred responsibility to realize that God will only show us what we allow.

By – Heather Giamboi of VARDANKAR

Heather Giamboi and Allen Feldman of VARDANKAR are accomplished Soul Travelers with over fifty-three years of combined Out-of-Body experiences. Allen and Heather also Self and God Realized VARDAN Masters who teach the Ancient Science of Tuza (Soul) Travel which is much more advanced than Astral Projection, Meditation or Prayer and bring us beyond the lower psychic heavens into the Pure Positive God Worlds. They are Authors of the Books: Thousands of Visits to Heaven and the Heart of God and Dialogues with the Masters. Click below for these books:

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