Vibrations of Life, Part 1:


Awakening to our Authentic Selves

To be given the opportunity to see, feel and intuit beyond the confines of our 3D, five sense world is a gift beyond measure. This inner journey implodes all we previously knew about ourselves and the world around us. Everything is shaken up and many parts of the puzzles of Life are laid before us. These experiences change us and everyone around us. Nothing is ever quite the same again. Synchronicities seamlessly flow into our lives taking us on ever more fantastic journeys of the soul. Much of Life is exposed and our inner journey is punctuated by and fluctuates between our 3D realities, to spaces and places that defy description. The one defining sensation one comes back with is ‘everything but everything is connected to itself’. There is absolutely no separation between you, me or anything else. The dramas that play out in our lives are just that: ‘dramas of the mind’. Within the ‘mind-scripts’ of our lives lay spiritual ‘time bombs’ which are primed, locked and loaded. These ‘bombshells’ explode within us at an appropriate time and place and they sanctify that which we came here to experience and master. These ‘time bombs’ represent the potential jewels of our inner transformations. They compel us to face major life challenges. When we face up to, resolve and walk through these challenges, it is only then can we progress to other stuff within our life’s purpose. Some of the greatest challenges we set for ourselves may appear quite ‘small’ within the Grand Scheme of Things. Developing the ability to listen to others for example – some of us spend a lifetime attempting to resolve these types of issues. Similarly, simply allowing oneself to ask for help is another ‘small’ life experience some of us may find huge difficulties with.

Within this hologram of life, we are dreamers, poet-warriors, doers and mystics. The ‘soul’ point of an awakening is to experience as much as we are able to take whilst tethered in 3D body. Then we must learn how to dance within and between dimensions. During my recent emergence, I witnessed a depth of cosmological symmetry and beauty in everything, from blades of grass and flowers to smiles from strangers. It was all beyond measure. The vibrations of love runs so unfathomably deep, that however exquisitely and humbly we attempt to describe a ‘nudge’ of Who We Truly Are, words are impossible to capture the essence of that which we experience. All of us are all that and more when we merge back into the One consciously or sub-consciously. We are Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience. I attempt to describe some of the defining moments in my journey that enabled me to see the beauty of awakening to my Greater Self. Throughout it all, I became both seer and seen, explorer and experiencer. It was all made possible through a sacred transformation of energies and vibrational frequencies initiated by me, through me and for me. Everything but everything is creative energy or light in transformation. In Part I of this two part article I wish to discuss Life as a precession of energies in flux and in Part II, I describe my awakening states from a perspective of energy and how energy (or Life) literally ‘talks to us’ in each and every moment.

We experience and translate Life through discrete yet quantumly entangled dimensional states. Within each dimension, there are also ‘relational constructs or dimensional parameters’ which are fluid. This is perhaps similar to what Ra (Law of One) termed as ‘densities’. In various awakening states, or when we undergo inner transformations, I feel ‘consciousness’ undergoes a spiral leap upwards in frequency. Consciousness is defined as an interplay of quantum forces that originate (in order of importance) within the pineal/Third Eye/Higher Self region, made real in the heart and its final translation into 3D reality via the brain(1). Thus, everything in our lives is energy: its movement, transformation and materialisation.

It is difficult to view ourselves and what we do from cradle to grave as a series of energetic interplays between and within substances of different frequencies but that is the nature of our reality. These interplays of energy are also firmly located within a holographic and fractal universe. Heady stuff, yet from one perspective, the beautiful, happy, joyful and sometimes sorrowful lives we lead that feel so solid and real, are internally generated holographic ‘cosmic plays’ of remembrance. The attributes of energy that I am interested in relate to feelings, emotions, colours, higher thoughts, compassion and gratitude. From a much higher perspective, I also include the feelings of sadness, anger, rage and service to self because strange as it may seem, all these emotions/energies find a home within the vibrations of love’s spectrum.

This article is not about ‘physics-speak’ it’s all about the energies of love and some of the constructs of our dimensions. There is nothing new to learn here because we already know how to navigate its intimate details. Quite simply, we already are that which we seek. The questions within Life simply point us to timeless remembrance states of who and what we are and why we are here. That is why ‘cosmic nudges’ aka ‘synchronicities’ quicken and become more real as we seamlessly flow within our Life Purpose. Doors fly open, we meet the right people and suddenly, our Life has transformed even before we have had time to catch our breaths. Alternatively, when things become difficult if not impossible, Life might be saying, perhaps the path you have chosen is not the right one at this particular time and eventually, Life will shut us down. We know when that happens because Life itself becomes difficult, unfulfilled, frustrating, incomplete and this eventually leads us into changing tack and direction.

Our reality is a holgram

matrix-724496_640A hologram is a physical construct. If you smash it into 1000 pieces, its original image is faithfully reproduced in its shattered shards. This effect is summed up in the words ‘as above so below’. Our life plays out within an internally-generated hologram. It is a special type of construct in that it faithfully ‘repeats’ the whole image in much smaller bits and parts of itself. Therefore, the shapes and patterns within our lives follow this holographic principle and it is easy to see signs of the hologram all around us. The design and pattern we find in the images below ( from left to right) in the eye of a turtle is also the same pattern and design we find in the eye of a hurricane, the Helix Nebula system or a low pressure wind system.




hurricane-copy1 spitzer.helix nebula-thumb low pressure wind system







This is intelligent design at work and it has always been thus. Life is therefore recognizable both at the micro and macro-scale as being similar or same, simply because it is from the mind of the One Architect. When you are done looking at natural systems at the large and very small scales, check out the beauty within life of all things through the ‘golden ratio’. This ‘standard of beauty and symmetry’ is evident in everything around us. It is so natural that any growth forms which contradict the the ‘golden ratio’ looks odd i.e. ‘matter out of place’. These attributes of the System of Life are elegant and in their simplicity, stunningly beautiful. They represent a template of life that is replicable at all levels and for all situations of our 3D existence. The golden ratio of 1.68:1 equates to a specific ‘programme’ within the coding of life within this dimension. It is so widespread and natural that we easily pass it by or do not notice it is there in all things, including ourselves.

golden ratio1 golden ratio 2 golden ratio3

Dimensional constructs

Firstly, there is no such thing as free space because this implies we know ‘what is there’ and all there is to know about it as a system. Perfect knowledge and understanding lies within the Mind of God and whilst we live out our ‘godly’ i.e. small ‘g’ existence in 3D, our understanding of everything is limited. We simply do not know what we do not know. Secondly, energies are multidimensional or quantum in nature. They ‘occupy’ the same space, yet only and truly ‘work’ once they are intermingled into a broth of energies. In this way, certain earth processes, lifeforms and modes of Being are assigned to each dimensional level. There is no hierarchy in the way these dimensions intermingle and work as One, 2D energy forms do not look up to 6D energy forms and vice-versa, everything just is.

Barbara Hand Clow details these processes in her book ‘Alchemy of the 9 dimensions’. First dimensional attributes relate to the earth’s iron core crystal i.e. its magnetism. It is the quantum properties of Gaia’s magnetic fields that ‘talk’ to our DNA. I suspect this is one of the reasons why the most beneficial meditations occur when our back is straight and true against the upwardly moving forces of magnetism. The second dimension refers to the Keepers of the elements, radioactive, chemical, mineral, viral and bacterial. The third and lower fourth dimensions represent space and linear time. It is in this dimension that all substances, animal and mineral from dimensions 1 – 3 are present and easily measurable as quantities. We are the Keepers of this dimension. The subtle forces of dimensions 4 – 9 also intermingle within this dimension and we may or may not be aware when we, as 3D beings, travel beyond our dimension to other higher dimensions. In that sense, the third dimension has energy flows from below it and also above it. It is both ‘real’ and ‘surreal’ at the same time. Clow says the Keepers of the fourth dimension are the Annunaki and it is also within this realm that the total experience of all we have ever done or thought is here. This is the realm of the Human Collective Mind.

In these times, I feel we experience the third and fourth dimensional worlds equally. It is here in the fourth dimension that all the higher dimensional forces are felt and re-cognised by us. There is much going on here in terms of planetary dynamics and of course the antics of the Annunaki. The fifth dimension is the home of our seed-parents, the Pleiadians and the sixth dimension is the home of the Sirians, who are the masters of Sacred Geometry. The seventh dimension is the home of sound frequencies. They ultimately shape the sacred geometric symbols of life that translate sound frequencies to either corn or a cow within our third dimension. The eighth dimension represents the realm of Light whose ‘organisational’ spin translates into sacred geometric form in the sixth dimension. Finally, the ninth dimension represents the creative ‘push-pull’ power of the black hole of our Great Central Sun.

All is connected, dependent and interdependent on everything else. That is a complex and complicated set of quantum and intermingled attributes to consider when stating ‘everything is energy’. Thankfully, there is really nothing here that needs to be remembered in much the same way that none of us need to be a motor technician to drive a car. The basis of Life is very simple: we create the all of everything we experience through our emotions and thoughts. We are known by other races and energies as the ‘dreamers’ and quite literally we ‘dream’ everything into reality.

How energies talk to us

woods-690415_640The basis of life is the greatest story rarely told. It is not possible from a 3D perspective to define what multidimensional energies are made up of and how they interact within themselves. We understand something of their attributes, yet the System largely remains a Mystery. What we do understand and it is intuitive rather than knowledge-based is that the system of life is here to serve us and is based on benevolence and love. We comprise part of that system due to our star-seeded legacy. Through our thoughts and intent we create that which we want to experience. We are of the One and we split off from the One Consciousness in order that It may experience itself. We incarnate time after time, bring all these experiences back into the One and at the same time, we journey into worlds unknown so that we may recognize the magnificence of ourselves and the All of that which we create. We increase our spiritual wisdom by experiencing all there is to experience as we move ever upwards in frequency and design. It is not fashionable at the moment to say or accept this but I say it anyway: we are Creator gods in our own right and much of our grandness is hidden from us because we refuse to accept it. Everything within our lives will change once we bring into our consciousness the possibilities of our cosmic grandness.

From this perspective, everything is energy. We vibrate at a set of specific frequencies and our existence within 3D is wholly holographic, self-induced and perpetrated by us. Within these 3D constructs we also have slightly different ‘densities’ or a fluidity in how we translate our 3D world into a solid and viable reality. The ‘creatives’ amongst us (prophets, seers, mystics, psychics, artists, writers, birthing-mothers etc.) have a higher vibratory frequency within themselves relative to the mass of the population. They are able to see, feel and hear beyond the range of the 5 senses. These abilities are mediated or allowed into our 3D reality via our Higher Selves. Our Higher Self knows what we wanted to experience prior to incarnation including our Life’s Purpose. Each time we make ‘love’ or fall in ‘love’ or engage in those activities we ‘love’, we escape the constraints of linear time, shift upwards in frequency and begin star-travelling. How else can we define those sacred moments when a mother looks into the eyes of her baby for the first time and sees her own godly reflection? Van Gogh for example was able to see past the colours he painted because he was aware of the life forces behind everything. Musical artists can also hear and feel beyond the notes they play when writing down their music. They literally go to other places within themselves and encode their music within sacred geometrical sequences capable of translating Life itself to new vistas of itself. The ‘soul’ reason why we cry when we listen to certain types of music or expand beyond ourselves when looking at certain landscapes or art is very simple: we come face to face with our own divinity. When we come face to face with divinity and we find it has our face on it, a remembrance and connection is initiated. In this way, we experience the emotions of humbleness, gratitude and compassion. These emotions are the beginning ‘baby steps’ we must walk through in exploring our Cosmic Grandness. Certain music or images are coded specifically for these tasks i.e. to put us back in touch with ourselves. Such is our energetic connection to other energies within our dimensional constructs – the system of life is a maelstrom of….loving energies.

As above, so below

Everything is energy, even our mortal body which is largely bio-electrical in nature. Every organ in our body is cosmometrically coded to operate within an optimum or slightly less than optimum band of frequencies. Each organ is usually under the control of its respective chakra. It is also interesting to note the use of language in describing the health of our bodies: out of sorts, imbalance, unbalanced, dis-ease, off-colour, not themselves etc. Feelings and emotions may stress the body organs in such a way that the organ(s) operational frequency is catapulted outside its optimum band of core frequencies. Ill-ease or dis-ease may follow. Alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, crystal and colour therapy, are all energy based. Unlike allopathic medicines with its array of chemicals to ‘combat’ dis-ease in the body, energy medicines have no side-effects requiring further medication because they go straight to the ‘cause’ of the problem. It is all about frequency-balancing. Much of what we have been told of Life is either back-to-front or plain wrong.

In closing this part of the article it is evident from our every-day experiences that strong feelings and emotions of joy, love, hate or attachment fundamentally challenge and change our energetic body collective. One of the strongest, most significant and least understood emotions is ‘gratitude’ closely followed by compassion. One of the quickest initiators in meeting our divinity is from a position of non-expectancy, humbleness, compassion and gratitude. Try it the next time you meditate and enjoy the magic that is you and that which is within you.

Part II of this article will go one level beyond what is described here and discuss initiators of spiritual change or awakening because it is at this level that an appreciation of the boundless love of the Cosmos presents itself to us in so many different and wonderful ways. The System of Life is here to serve us yet we need to initiate that first step in going through the door – to ask to be shown, that which we need to know, from a countenance of humbleness, gratitude and compassion.



Author bio:

Ellis Evans PhD began a deep spiritual emergence in early 2014 and many things in his life ‘fell like pins’. He now resides in the UK after living in Greece for six years. He recently formed a Meetup group in the Wirral, Merseyside, United Kingdom to help facilitate those undergoing spiritual emergence /emergency.

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