{I always knew I was different. Fiery temper, needed the truth in every situation, wise beyond my years, and certainly a knowing, though not always a quiet one. Calling adults on B.S as a 5-year-old doesn’t exactly go over um well. Oh and did I mention I saw spirits? On the reg… Yup that’s right. I saw them. Be them spirit guides, angels, soul family that had passed on- they were there. I’m still not sure who they are, even to this day but they were/are here. And they love me and protect me. I don’t see them anymore but I can feel them. They have me switch lanes in traffic to avoid an accident. They put me in the right place at the right time for synchronicity. And they quietly whisper messages to me when I’m working with my students thru

For me there were three entities I distinctly remember. Two men and a lady. They came around most often during the holiday months. They would wave at me thru the windows and grin. I remember thinking “Who the heck are these people and why are they waving at me?” I remember this as though it was yesterday. I recall them so much that I wonder if I was chatting with them and not just “keeping to myself”. As I was told I often did.

Apparently I was the kind of kid that you could leave alone for hours. I would keep myself occupied and not bother anyone, my mom remembers. She said I was different from my brother and sister and that it hurt her as a parent. She has mentioned that I made her feel like “I never needed her or anyone for that matter”.

I was an “adult” in a child’s body. An Indigo with a Warrior Priestess Soul coming to shake things up on this planet. And I wasn’t alone. My generation is full of us. We refuse to conform. You can’t put us in a box! We have a message to spread and we will do so come hell or high water.

This would be a hard pill to swallow as a parent. You become a parent and you want to take care of your children, that is your job as a parent. But with an Indigo you can’t take care of us.}

"The LORD is my Light..."We came here to take care of you! So kindly get of our way… No offense. We are sorry, we really are, but we are here to shift this paradigm and to do a job. We don’t mean to be brutally honest we just don’t have time to waste. Being honest gets us right to the heart of the matter and that is where we like to live. We are here to teach you how to heal yourself. To get you back in touch with GAIA and save this planet.

We will teach you about the chemicals you are ingesting.

We will invent things like Myspace and Facebook so knowledge can be spread at a faster speed than ever. And slowly but surely we will change… everything.

{I always knew things. I knew I’d end up in Florida or California and work in television… by the time I was in kindergarten. I knew if someone was lying. I knew if a teacher was only giving busy work to collect a paycheck and truly despised teaching. I knew when something was wrong even if everyone else was claiming it to be right. As an indigo we just know things.}

Spit in our face and stomp on our feet but do not tell us a story. It’s insulting. We are but human lie detectors with integrity and the high road pulsing through our veins. That is the forefront of our mission so don’t be offended if you fib and we proverbially “can” you. We just don’t have the patience or the time. We feel pressure to accomplish the mission in an allotted time.

So PLEASE don’t tell us what to do or boss us. But do ask us for help. We LOVE helping. It’s part of our soul contract and nothing brings us more joy than to assist others.

Remember we are super sensitive. Our DNA is actually different. So we can be sickly. We need lots of rest and plenty of nutrients. We will talk to you about how we have healed ourselves and you can too. Don’t pick on us for all of our vitamins or allergies. We need the extra nutrition to survive on this dense plane.

Oh and Wal-Mart is hard for us. Please don’t make us go to places like that. We prefer a local shop to support a neighbor or better yet Amazon. is the greatest invention ever. The mailman will bring us what we need to our door. So we can save our central nervous systems an energetic attack by not going into hell AKA- Wal-Mart. I bet an indigo created that Thank you.

We are creators. Don’t force us into jobs/lives we don’t create. It will eat our soul. We are artists, inventors, messengers, healers and warriors. Especially warriors. Don’t pick a fight with us. You will not win. Some of us (myself included) are wounded warriors. No matter how much you hurt us we will still try to save you. We will focus on your good and pray that part takes over. Sometimes it will drain us so much, we wonder why we continue to try. Then we realize it’s because we see ourselves in you. We know of our imperfections, our quick temper, our quick to judge mind and our poison mouth. No we aren’t like this all the time, but the shadow gets us all sometimes. The indigo is aware and tries to restore balance even in fault.

We believe in plant medicine, in energy healing, we love rocks, crystals, trees, the sea and the sand. We don’t like television. We deem it unimportant and filled with garbage for the mind.

And what the heck is a “celebrity”? Who came up with that term!? We are all the same and if you think there are different levels of human we tend to think you to be not that intelligent. Oops, that’s our judgement button kicking in. We digress. Told you the shadow kicks in for us too. Awareness is the first step to prevention.

{This is an oxymoron for me, as I work in television, but I know this to be true. 99% of the time when someone mentions a pop culture person I have to google them. I think people may think I’m a little weird. People are people to me. Regardless of their job. I get irritated when people put celebrity on a pedestal.}

We are a little weird. And we revel in it. Nothing like confusing people with your eccentricity.

I’ve found over the years people don’t mess with strange. So maybe it’s a protective measure on our part. We need covens and close circles. Without beings who understand us- we are lost. Our meetings of the minds are fuel to keep us on track. Remind us why we are here. We need our band of pirates so we can pirate together. Heal with our hands. talk to animals and eat vibrant light filled foods. We need our community. We understand we accomplish little solo.

Some of us get lost. This existence is too much and we are too sensitive. So we desensitize in any way we can. The pharmaceutical industry tries to make us feel better. Or do they? But we know deep down anti-anxiety and anti- psychotics are not the way. We have tried alcohol and other drugs too. They seem to help for a minute. But then when it wears off… Reality is still there. Some of us test the limits of our physical body and it just can’t take it. So we go back to our teachers and hope to get it right next time. Others are too lost in the human experience to remember the indigo mission and take their own physical body out of this existence. It is too much. And the rest of us understand. It’s not easy and we get that! We believe they will get it right next time(after more time with the teachers) and we wish we could’ve helped them more.

{I was one of the lucky ones to recognize the path after falling off. When 10-15 anti anxiety pills a day became the regular I knew I needed to change my thoughts, change my reason and get back in touch.}

We are anti chemicals but pro plants and herbs. We remember our shaman forefathers and mothers and have carried their wisdom with us. We believe nature gives us all we need to heal.

We love the thought of Jesus, Krishna and Ganesha. But we hate dogma. And don’t understand why one religion feels superior over the other.

In closing we will say that we probably missed some stuff. There is a lot to explain. Many of you are confused. But we will be back later. This is enough for today. It’s 2:30 in the morning and it’s time to settle down for the night.

{I (Kristin) just wrote 1500 words. These words however were coming thru me, so I feverishly typed as fast possible to get the information into form. So that this will reach whom it supposed to reach. I don’t love labeling but for the purpose of this article I labeled for understanding and universal truth of the Indigo Generation. If you are an indigo please feel free to reach out to me. Leave a comment or email me thru my website. And if this message resonates with you please share it.}

As always sending lots of love and light,


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