Today I have realized that a very quick way to shift my energy is to link together the future and the past, right into the present moment. This is what I mean by that…

I have put on some inspiring music to help me raise my vibration to better envision my desires and life purpose. I have imagined my best version, what gives me the highest joy that also meet my soul purpose. I felt like what I desire was already realized and I was enjoying the fulfillment of the manifestation. (It does not have to be a big dream: it can be a desire of feeling peaceful or happy in your day too).

Then I looked at my past recognizing all the times I felt I could not realized something that I really wanted to. Things that felt hard or impossible to achieve, like my psychology degree, a dream relationship with a partner, writing my books, finding my life path … and so on, also the little and important things.

Then I have appreciated the moments where everything became available and POSSIBLE to me, despite my doubts, fears and frustrations.



It helped me to remember that everything is possible, if we give it enough time, love and trust.

This process makes my present very peaceful and resourceful: I feel that everything I need is here right now and I can only appreciate whatever enters my life, because I know that I have invited it and it is part of my co-creation (and of course, if it is something that I do not like, I know that I can change it).

I am about to go to Canada for a while and I bless this “unexpected” gift from the Universe that manifested through our Canadian friends Raimonda and Moise.

Applying the same process of linking the future and the past into the present to this trip, I can appreciate that this journey is the response to my asking for expanding more my horizons and to be a citizen of the world. And looking at my past, I appreciate every place where I have lived and that I could call home. I now know that they all were pieces of the puzzle called life and that have largely enhanced and inspired my life and vision. I bless them all and I acknowledge the wisdom, fun and space they have added to my experience.

You can apply this process to what you are living right now or what you are about to live. You can get strength coming from your past and inspiration coming from your future. So you’ll get a very powerful and centered NOW.


Dr.Elena Puntaroli and Lorenzo Sbrinci are educators, inspirational speakers and authors of 4 published books in Italian and 1 in English. They have designed the Teachings of Light, a solar and innovative vision to inspire a rich and joyous life, to follow one’s desires.

Elena and Lorenzo met in 2006 and immediately shared their desire to discover life. They have being researching individually long before they met and, together, they followed many seminars as well. From Channeling to the Journey with B.Bays, from Chronogenetics to the Shamanic Way, from the Mastery in the U.S.A. with A.Robbins to many other teachers.

They have deepened their studies in various parts of the world with  leading edge training, meeting some of the most extraordinary personalities of our time, including Esther and Jerry Hicks, personally known in Alaska.

Elena and Lorenzo got married in 2009 with a personally designed ceremony in the nature, which has being the turning point of their research. Since then, there have been an intense, extraordinary and nonstop creation of projects and visions, culminating in their books and their method, the “Teachings of Light”. A Light that symbolize joy, love, freedom and well being. A Light that enlighten our life, as it bring the knowledge of who we really are.


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