Hello Everybody,

I haven’t written very much lately, but as I glanced at the faded words “Lightworkers” at the top of my favorites bar, I felt a surge of sudden passion to begin writing again.

That brings me to the bigger topic I’d like to address. I adore writing–as a whole, of course. But that doesn’t mean I always like it. I consider it my “passion,” but it isn’t always consistent. When you’re consumed with the fiery onset of passion, it truly feels like it will last forever. You get excited. You jump into whatever you feel passionate for, and when the emotion decreases inevitably–even barely–you lose all interest.

Passion simply isn’t consistent. Purpose is consistent, and the reason you are here now isn’t going to go away–you’ll always have a purpose. But your passions can vary greatly. It doesn’t demean them as passions. Different interests and passions serve different parts of your life at different times. Some may be intermittent and lasting a lifetime while others can be constant for only a year. It doesn’t matter.

People nowadays get caught up in consistency. We’re raised in societies (particularly education systems) which are generally unchanging. You have likely learned science, math, English, and history for all of your school years. Even if you haven’t always been interested in all of those, you still had to do them. It’s only natural that your brain is conditioned to think the only things worth doing are things you’ll do for a long time.

The sooner people realize life is filled with a multitude of moods, interests, and life phases, and not everything is the same, the better off we’ll all be.

Until next time.

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