In California, where I live, everyone has been so focused on “the drought”. DROUGHT. It’s in the papers, on the news and all over the internet.

“Where attention goes energy flows; where intention goes energy flows.”- James Redfield.geometrythoughts150

According to the Law of Attraction; placing so much emotional energy and emphasis on drought only brings more what? Drought. For this reason, I am extending an invitation for everyone to shift their thoughts from focusing on the absence of rain, to thoughts of receiving rain.  This is not to say that anyone should be irresponsible or to stop conserving water. Aside from any theories of why California has no received much rainfall during these past couple years the fact remains; we need rain.

This is an invitation to put our collective energy and intention into praying for and welcoming rain.

ESunset at the beach, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australianergy is energy, is it not? Whether it is in the form of attracting a cup of coffee (made with water), a new job or a new house, everything is energy. Please cast judgement aside and together let’s invite a healthy Spring season with rain for California.

Praying for a healthy rain to water the land and crops is not a new practice. Ceremonial rain dancing has been around for centuries performed by tribes word wide. In Native American tribes both men and women are included in rain dance ceremonies, often wearing turquoise colors and feathers which represent the wind and water elements.

Ladies and gentlemen adorn yourselves in turquoise, feathers, and anything else you feel suits the intention of asking the Universe/ God/ Great Spirits for rain. There are rain dance songs easily found on .  Dance, chant, pray for a healthy spring season of rain in California. May there be enough water to nourish our plants, animals and people.

On Saturday, April 4, 2015 (Lunar Eclipse day), I invite you to participate in a collective intention and rain dance from 12:00 noon PST until 8:00 pm PST . Location: Wherever you are. You are not required nor being asked to dance for 8 hours. This time frame is open for whenever you have made time to be available for rain dancing. Dance in your home or in nature, wherever you are and wherever you feel moved to dance. Let your spirit connect to the earth and to the higher powers. Set the intention. Feel the rain. Smell fresh rain. Visualize the rivers full and the plants green with bloom.waterfall 2

Everyone is welcome to join me on my Facebook page: to post pictures, videos or just write about their rain dance experiences. Please be considerate and respectful of other people’s cultures and beliefs.  Saturday, April 4, 2015 from 12:00 noon PST until 8:00 pm. Let your spirit guide your feet.


Laura Wilkinson

The Lightworkers’ Life Coach/Mind-Body Practitioner

The Wilkinson Effect (

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