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You have probably been practicing The Law Of Attraction for quite a while, but if you are just new to it, you are in luck as these 5 top reasons law of attraction isn’t working will help clear up a lot for you! If you have been trying for years and getting mixed results, don’t lose heart. It is all a process of experiencing, learning, growing and blossoming (and repeating).

In this series you will learn the simple but powerful reasons Manifestation has not been easy all of the time. You are human having a human experience, so it is OK! This really is all part of life and the good news is that you have a billion second chances – your chances never run out!

Stay Calm, And Read On...

Stay Calm, And Read On…

Read on to find out how you can fine tune your manifestation experience. In today’s article we are talking all about Self-Sabotage! Make sure to let us know in the comments how you have overcome self-sabotage, or how it is affecting you because together we are stronger than alone!


Self-Sabotage Programs

This is number one on the list for a reason! Self-sabotage programs can be hard to spot because they come from your subconscious mind. This means that thoughts comes to you that make sense as they relate to your past experience and feelings come to you that seem real and need to be followed. You may have a beautiful goal in mind… You think you want it, you say you want it. You might even have a vision board of it! But if your beliefs don’t believe it’s safe then unfortunately you are like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick. This is called self-sabotage, or as I prefer to call it, protection programs. Because this is exactly what they are. They are designed to protect you.

Self-Sabotage Seems Like A Devil...

Self-Sabotage Seems Like A Devil…

Let’s get very clear on one thing. You are not broken, there is nothing wrong with you and you don’t need fixing. “Sure thing,” you say – Don’t believe me? Well let’s have a look at these so called ‘self-sabotage’ programs and why you have them. You will soon see they are successful programs that have been doing their best to keep you safe.

Self-sabotage rears it’s head when something doesn’t feel safe on an unconscious level. This stems from your past experiences in this life and others. Your belief system is a complex web of neural networks that connect experiences and the feelings that resulted at the time. These form your beliefs. I’ll give you a common scenario many people have growing up. Don’t worry if this doesn’t fit your experience, you can still use this example to find what your protection programs are

If, for instance, early on you had experiences of being teased at school you may have learned that it isn’t safe to speak up, or to show people your art, or to perform or sing in front of people.. If you let yourself shine as a child and your peers or teachers pulled you down and chastised and told you mean, disparaging things, then your brain will store this information along with the feelings it produced.

Fast forward to today – school is probably long behind you, but if this scenario was yours and you are working on your dream, your passion and your goal you might find yourself procrastinating, or blowing off your commitments to go our drinking with friends, or a myriad of other outcomes. This might seem like self-sabotage, like you can’t focus or do anything right. It can lead to regret and this is where it might seem like you are broken. But in reality your protection program is working in the background to keep you safe!

Your Protection Patterns Don't Want This To Happen... Again

Your Protection Patterns Don’t Want This To Happen… Again

Because all it knows is the past. And it remembers the past, as though it happened 5 seconds ago. Really. In your subconscious mind your program would see the experience of shining, showing your work or art and it assumes and believes that naturally shame, embarrassment, sadness and grief will follow.

So no matter how much you consciously want what you want, until you resolve these negative feelings you will find it very hard to finish the project in the energy needed to make it a massive success.

You can work on it one thought at a time, which I suggest to do as a practice. Notice negative beliefs, gently send them love and replace it with the thought you would rather be thinking. When I first started this practice, I was having to change the thought a hundred times a day! But eventually it gets less… Fortunately I have a much better tool now! I still use the one thought at a time practice but what I highly recommend is The Emotional Freedom Technique aka EFT Tapping. I will touch on this in each the 5 parts of this series because it can change a life time of negative thinking in an instant! A few sessions with an experienced practitioner has profound effects and even tapping on your own is helpful and encouraged as well.

Self Sabotage Only Wants You To Be Safe

Self Sabotage Only Wants You To Be Safe

Remember, this protection pattern aka self-sabotage is only trying to protect you – so please don’t be so hard on yourself! But do take pro-active steps to become aware of what they are and change them! Once your subconscious is fully on board with where you want to be, it will manifest easily and naturally. Law of Attraction will then be able to yield in your favor because your deeper beliefs are on board too!

Tune in for part 2 of this series coming up next week where will discover more about the mystery of your mind and how you can zero in on what hasn’t been working for you and why, so you can change your life for the better!

With Love & Light

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