I have just received a nice news from a dear friend: after a long time, she’s expecting a child. I did not know if I ever get this news from her, as she was “working” at this project since years… One day this news arrived, bringing an avalanche of joy: I am delighted for her, I know how much important it has always been in her life!

Receiving this news made me reflect upon the so-called “miracles” that occur if we are always there, with open arms, confident that we will encounter them! This reminds us of keep watering our flowers-desire, otherwise they will never blossom.


Not always we live “top moments” and when we run down, it is easy to forget our fabulous desires, those that if just imagined, can unleash a great energy within us.

I wasn’t sure that my friend had the patience and the perseverance to go ahead with her dreams and it played a bell in my life: “Stay wide awake because desires come true from one moment to the other.” This gave me a lot of energy and I thought: a day wasted without this fabulous energy, is almost a sin!

In reality there is nothing wasted, there are only days in which we need to cringe on ourselves or do not maintain high our vision because we do not have enough energy for that, and everything we can do is to move forward in our day in the simplest and easiest way. And it’s okay, because then, when we drink again from the energy of our desires, this makes us feel alive as never before. It is rather like saying that we need to experience what we are not, in order to appreciate more what we are.

Then we appreciate both the moments: the more and the less euphoric, because both are part of our lives. What about your appreciative and low energy moments? How do they help you to maintain a dynamic equilibrium in your existence?


About the authors:

Dr. Elena Puntaroli (psychologist) and Lorenzo Sbrinci (pranic healer) are inspirational speakers, educators and authors of “The spiral of emotions” and “The Age of Light” (Anima Publishing, Milan), “Inspiration, the enlightened way to make your desires fly” (Aldenia Publishing, Florence), the novel “Longing, discovering desires” (Enjoy Publishing, Venice) and the children’s book “The arrival of Palloncino” Mikazuki Publishing  (L.A.). Elena and Lorenzo did their research all over the world and received leading-edge training, meeting some of the most extraordinary personalities of our times, such as Esther and Jerry Hicks, in Alaska. Elena and Lorenzo have designed the “Teachings of Light”, a bright vision based on the infinite possibilities of being. This includes a series of colorful and original insights and processes to discover who we really are and how to live our potential and beauty to the fullest. Elena and Lorenzo hold sessions, play-shops and courses in Italy and Australia.

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