All the good and positive things you address towards others, is like you address it to yourselves. The energy you project to others is the same you project to yourself and the evolution of others facilitates yours and vice versa. The success of others inspires our success and, our success, inspires that of others.

Encouraging others is like saying that they are already all right and that they don’t need to prove anything to be considered deserving of encouragement. The merit is already implicit in their intent and desire for evolution, no matter where they are right now: maybe they are not yet in the emotional state they would like to be. That’s why offering caring and positive words at this stage can make the whole difference. You can make the difference in someone else’s life by saying: “I believe in you “, “All is well”, “You are wonderful” or “You can do it”…

It’s like telling YOU right from the beginning: “You are doing really well, keep it up.”

La Fiducia


You do not have to wait for the final results to tell yourself: “I’m very good”, “I’m a beautiful/successful person” and so on. Waiting for the results would imply some resistances like fear of the performance; fear of disappointing expectations or not to arrive at the finish line. And why you should put yourself or others under a similar pressure?

Let’s start appreciating where we already are, offering encouraging words now, no matter the conditions we are living and that we might dislike. You have always the opportunity to appreciate and encourage yourself and others, it is actually the best way to speed up the process while enjoying it. A true act of love towards ourselves that requires courage.

About the authors:

Dr. Elena Puntaroli (psychologist) and Lorenzo Sbrinci (pranic healer) are inspirational speakers, educators and authors of “The spiral of emotions” and “The Age of Light” (Anima Publishing, Milan), “Inspiration, the enlightened way to make your desires fly” (Aldenia Publishing, Florence), the novel “Longing, discovering desires” (Enjoy Publishing, Venice) and the children’s book “The arrival of Palloncino” Mikazuki Publishing  (L.A.). Elena and Lorenzo did their research all over the world and received leading-edge training, meeting some of the most extraordinary personalities of our times, such as Esther and Jerry Hicks, in Alaska. Elena and Lorenzo have designed the “Teachings of Light”, a bright vision based on the infinite possibilities of being. This includes a series of colorful and original insights and processes to discover who we really are and how to live our potential and beauty to the fullest. Elena and Lorenzo hold sessions, play-shops and courses in Italy and Australia.



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