e05584817200b60b406e51e436d52c43We’ve all run afoul of negative people with bad intentions – the gossip monger, the conniving coworker, the bad loser, the hurtful partner, the faithless friend, or the bully.  When we’re on a path of Enlightenment, we know that even the most troubled soul is still a child of God, and that makes dealing with harmful and deceitful people a serious ethical problem.

There are some fields where peace and reconciliation should be sown.  There are some relationships worth saving; others should be pruned like a rotting limb that threatens the life of the tree.  It’s vital to seek higher guidance and ask for the power of discernment.

As promoters of balance and seekers after love, we will naturally try to empathize with the pathos of those struggling with deep wounding. We have compassion for people in the grips of delusional mental illness, polluted by drugs, or aligned with evil influences and negative energies.

In the face of lies, persecution, and hatred, this includes refraining from launching a counter-attack in kind and lowering ourselves and our work to a level of evil.  However, it doesn’t mean sticking around to be a doormat, being frightened into silence, or allowing ourselves to be manipulated.

Asking Archangel Michael to cut the cords of fear-based relationships, actively working to purify our energy fields, and calling on our support network of friends, healers, and teachers are essential first steps.  Sometimes, the tangible damage done by physical assault, vandalism, theft, slander, or defamation needs to be remedied legally.  Other forms of abuse are so outrageous that they don’t even deserve a response.

Habitually cruel people are the cause of their own undoing in the end, anyway, through the inexorable workings of Karma and universal justice.  This is an unavoidable fact of life, though it is always a tragedy when anyone chooses to persevere in darkness and thereby works his or her own suffering.

If you have faced religious or spiritual persecution, been the victim of hatred and intolerance, or the subject of hurtful lies, allow yourself to be comforted by the following message.  If your best attempts to educate and help have been rejected, take heart.  As Lightworkers focused on the energies of healing and love, we must never forget that we need and deserve these as much as anyone else.

A Channeled Message of Hope and Peace from the Sacred c122a2db12445b8f0e3346c59759c619Feminine:  Why are Lightworkers so often the targets of unjust criticism, false accusations – even persecution and hatred?  Know that as the negative energies lurking in darkness are exposed, they will rise up and attack all that is good in the world, even as their very existence is drawing to a close and they are parting company with the Earth.  For does not the Light attract attention of all sorts – the stubbornly misguided and the haters of the world, as well as those who love and want to magnify peace?

When you are confronted by the maelstrom of evil that is created through false witness, when you are peppered with the arrows of malice unleashed by the tortured soul who lies, what is your right response?  When you are victimized by the cruelty or fear-based ignorance of another person, how do you address this?  Is it for you to work justice through the motions of your own hands?

Let me reassure you that this Age we are entering is one of justice, equity, and peace.  The time for calculated response that seeks to work holy vengeance is past, my beloved.  The Divine Feminine principle of the New Age is one of inclusion, compassion, and unlimited strength through the steadfast adherence to what is right and true for all people. 

The Divine Feminine pillar of fairness provides for the truth always to be revealed.  Lies will never stand.  Injustice will never go unanswered.  Good works are not forever rewarded with evil returns.  

Universal Law attracts love to those who love, Light to those who bear it, and hate and scorn to those who heap their burning coals upon others.  You do not need to worry about this – for it is being done in every moment according to the Divine creation of the world.

Ask for the protection and shelter of your God who will not forsake you but uphold you with all His power.  Seek the compassionate protection and guidance of Blessed Mother Mary.  Call upon the hosts of Angels set around you to work mightily on your behalf.  You will be amazed at the synchronicity of events that will be set in motion to support you.  Sources of comfort and revealers of truth you never knew existed will  come to your aid.

You must focus on love and Light always – not on retribution, vengeance, or the works of evildoers who seek only to destroy what they cannot understand.  There are souls in this life who do harm and cause suffering because they are afraid to confront their own weakness.  They seek instead to tear down the strong, thereby eliminating unflattering comparisons.  Through the power of prayer and unfailing compassion, some of these may change course and find healing  – but not all will do so. 

Give love and offer healing where it is welcomed and accepted, honoring the sovereignty of all beings and their freedom to choose.  Pray for those who turn against you.  Ask the Beings of Light to offer comfort to those who will not accept it from you.  Know that you can place negative and hate-filled people surely in the hands of God.

The light you bring to others is needed in the world and is your soul’s mission on Earth.  Allow yourself time for strengthening and recovery when you have been attacked.  Give yourself permission to feel a whole range of human emotions.  Ultimately choose healing, and continue on your path as it has been Divinely revealed to you. 

You have a right to be treated with dignity and respect.  As a soul of God’s creation, you hold this right as His heir.  You as much as anyone else are entitled to peace, compassion, and love.  Through the exercise of the same, you will encourage many people to turn back towards the Light. 

However, you cannot drag the unwilling onto a righteous road, nor should you try to do so if the cost of your fruitless efforts is the breaking of your mind, body, or spirit against the rocks of cruel treatment .  There are those whose presence is poisonous to you and your work in the world, and you have permission to distance yourself from them, even to cut them out of your life – not with hate or anger, but with honor for God, love for yourself, and respect for your soul’s higher purpose. 

The Light is shining, reflected and magnified and spreading like a new dawn over all places on the Earth.  As you continue to be a vessel for the Light, all that is in disarray and that is not of integrity will be burned away.  Continue to plant the seeds of love, and the flowering of love will certainly follow in your wake.

Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Eiler, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Eiler is a Reiki Mystic working with Usui, Crystal, and Angelic Reiki; animal communication; the Akashic Records; mediumship; channeling; oracle card reading; aromatherapy; and other modalities. An Ordained Minister of Wisdom of the Heart Church, she co-owns Seven Stars Healing Arts, LLC.

She is the author of Other Nations:  A Lightworker’s Case Book for Healing, Spiritually Empowering, and Communing with the Animal Kingdom, a book of spiritual insight and healing for animal lovers.

Visit Dr. Eiler’s website at www.sevenstarshealing.com.


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