The slave is a very powerful archetype. It is more pervasive than most realize, as it can show up in our lives in many different ways: finances, addictions, jobs, or bad habits.

The slave archetype communicates to you the different places and times that you relinquish your own self-authority: the amount of power and control that you exert on your own life. Self-authority is knowing yourself and aligning your words and actions with your values and goals.

It can also show up in relationships. One person may have particularly strong thoughts, feelings and opinions that are different from the other. The slave archetype has a stronger intensity when the two involved interact often. One personality may be very dominating, rigid and judgmental: things are either right or wrong, black or white. While the other person is more soft spoken, accepting, and views the world in many shades of grey and colors.

Although the slave archetype shows up in relationships, the archetypal energies are directly connected with your relationship with yourself. It is important to remember that when you are interacting with another person, the only person that you can control is yourself, not the other person. How do you stay true to yourself when others are constantly questioning you?

Express your uniqueness fearlessly with abandon. – Anita Moorjani

It is important to recognize that we do not need anyone’s approval, but our own. It is difficult to remember this especially when we open up magazines and see a “best dressed” list and a “worst dressed” list or when we see two celebrities wearing the very same dress with a percentage of votes for each indicating who wore it best. Our society is filled with messages of what is acceptable and what is not. Instead of focusing on approval from another person, pay attention to how you can simply be yourself. When we are caught up in the approval trap, we tend to change ourselves to fit in. This is a façade that we cannot continue, and it robs the world of our own uniqueness and the gifts we have to offer.

Don’t compare your path to anybody else’s. Your path is unique to you. – Ram Dass

Your best protection against negative, dominating energies is your state of mind. It is quite useful to ground yourself and utilize a daily meditation to keep your energies strong and clear. This will help you gain a strong connection to your inner self. As you clear your mind and strengthen your inner resolve, be sure to include the intention to only allow, that which serves your greater good to come through to you.

One Saturday I was watching my son’s basketball game: the team was loosing and my husband was coaching. Some parents in the stands were taking the game a bit too seriously and being quite critical of all decisions made by the coach and the players. I remember vividly sitting there, giving myself the instructions to only allow that which serves my greater good to come through, and not experiencing any sort of relief from the situation. At one point I heard a small voice that instructed: stop thinking and start feeling. I felt quite a dramatic shift within myself that was quite peaceful – quite a gap between what was going on in the environment.

When the connection with your inner self weakens, you have a tendency to not even know who you are. You acquire your own sense of being from your environment: your environment is reminding you who you are! The same people that you are using to validate yourself are the same people that are controlling your internal state of being. You are caring too much about their personal opinion of you. What other people think of you is none of your business! Once you embrace the divine within you, it is no longer necessary for the ego to be finding ways to inflate itself. You no longer need to rely on the environment to remind you of you.

When we focus on being ourselves, we discover that we naturally find a place that we belong.

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