In this day and age, it seems like everyone knows about manifestation, and using it in their lives.

But it has somewhat come to my attention that not everyone knows how to properly manifest.

I’m sure many other people have tried to manifest things, people, or events into their lives and gone unsuccessful, as I have. This isn’t uncommon, but I encourage everyone not to give up hope if they’ve not properly manifested yet, because it can be done!

Here are my pieces of advice on manifestation:

Visualize In Detail

When you prepare to manifest something into your reality, you have to start with visualization. And the visualization should be detailed for it to be accurate. Do you want a new home? Don’t just imagine a new home, imagine exactly what the home looks like. Does it have a brown roof, or a red roof? Is there a tree in the front yard, and a small garden in the patio? Imagine it completely vividly for the best results.

Speak It Into Existence, in PRESENT TENSE

The key words there are “present tense,” if you can’t tell. Calling things into reality have to be done in present tense, because the energy needed for something to happen in your life is already existing! If you want to start dating, don’t say “the man of my dreams will be a musician,” because that’s saying something WILL happen. Time is very human. The better thing to say is “the man I am seeking is a musician.” This implies he’s already out there, somewhere, and that YOU ARE seeking him. The phrase “I am” is extremely powerful.

Change Your Own Frequency

For something to happen in your life, your reality, you have to be prepared for that. To match the vibration of what change you want to have, you have to alter your own vibration. Act as if you already have your desired outcome. Imagine what it’s like to live in the new house (imagine yourself walking through it, touching the walls, living there happily) or to have a new boyfriend (you interacting with them on a date, him being with you, and the like). When you imagine yourself interacting with your desired outcome or change or person, your vibration starts to prepare for the change to actually occur, outside of just your mind.

I hope these help you out if you’ve been trying to visualize!

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