Do not be ashamed if you give up on your dreams … all the great dreamers and visionary did it many times before they succeeded

Moments of doubts and uncertainty are always present, as well as moments of confidence and certainty.

Do not think about the outcome but HOW YOUR DESIRE MAKES YOU FEEL.

This is the turning point, this is the key.

This is how you can transform a frustrating state into a loving one. Turn your attention to WHY YOU LOVE SO MUCH YOUR DESIRE.

FEEL how it makes you feel. This is the reason why life gave you this desire:  TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.


If your desire does not make you feel good, you’ve lost it. You are no longer in the emotional state of your desire but in its lack.

When you look at life from the perspective of lack, there is no color, no meaning, no love, no light.

Every person that ask for something more in life (because life is movement and it makes you always ask for something more: if you do not want to have any desire, this is still a desire) experience also the lack of desire. We live in a dual Universe and this is how it works.

So do not feel bad if now you feel that you do not have what you want. Breath and do something else if it is too difficult to think something more positive right now.

You have infinite possibilities to align again and again to your Light, seeing life from a higher perspective. Ups and downs are part of the play, but they are not the end of the play.

About the authors:

Ele e Lore ad AnimaTV

Dr. Elena Puntaroli (psychologist) and Lorenzo Sbrinci (pranic healer) are inspirational speakers and authors of “The spiral of emotions” and “The Age of Light” (Anima Edizioni), “Inspiration, the enlightened way to make your desires fly” (Aldenia Edizioni), the novel “Longing, discovering desires” (Enjoy Edizioni) and the children’s book “The arrival of Palloncino” Mikazuki Publishing  (L.A.). Elena and Lorenzo did their research all over the world and received leading-edge training, meeting some of the most extraordinary personalities of our times, such as Esther and Jerry Hicks, in Alaska. Elena and Lorenzo have designed the “Teachings of Light”, a bright vision based on the infinite possibilities of being. This include a series of colorful and original insights and processes to discover who we really are and how to live our potential and beauty to the fullest. Elena and Lorenzo hold sessions, play-shops and courses in Italy and Australia.

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