drawing by Rachel ArchelausAs lightworkers, we know that what we put into the world is important. We know that being the best version of ourselves is part of the job, and that helping raise the consciousness of humanity is the outcome. If you let yourself breathe that in for a second, you can see how heavy it can feel.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do great things, to help heal the planet, and to move through our own stuff quickly so we can be the bright and shiny examples we know we are supposed to be.

It’s a wonderful ambition, but it can also backfire.

We can stumble into the feeling that we aren’t good enough just as we are. Feelings can come up that we need to study more, do more and be more because we are lacking something in our present state. It’s not the drive to learn that is the problem with this, it’s thinking that we aren’t already perfect for the job.

How many times have you had a huge idea only to have it not work out? I know I’ve had that happen. And when I look back on it, it was the huge ideas that were born out of insecurity that were the ones to fall apart.

The huge ideas I’ve had that came together through synchronicity and ease were authentic and flowed out of my own channeling of soul energy. But how can you tell the difference? How can you know if you’re following your path of inspired action or if you’re overcompensating for feelings of lack?

When you get the idea to create a movement, start a huge project, talk to 1,000 people about your idea, or something else gigantic, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this an idea that I’ve had before? Our intuition doesn’t back down easily. If an idea is really coming from our soul, it will appear again and again.
  • Does this idea require new training, expensive equipment or a move across the country? When we’re living from a place of insecurity, our ideas will often require more than we have at the moment. There’s nothing wrong with investing in new tools and training, but if you feel that you have to in order to get going, you’re probably not acting from inspiration.
  • Are you feeling expanded or contracted in your body? When you think of this new idea check in with your chest are and see if you feel open, warm, and excited or heavy, dense, and low. If you’re feeling open, there is a great chance you are living from inspiration. If you feel heavy, you are having this idea because you don’t feel you’re good enough as you are.

There will be exceptions to everything, but your answers will illuminate your real motives for taking such a huge leap.

Many empires have been built on insecurity, but we all know that acting from a vibration of gratitude and joy is far more fulfilling.

I have a video for you that helps explain the difference between acting from insecurity and inspiration. It also gives you a peak into my experience with it.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever dealt with this issue in your own life. Or have you witnessed it in someone else? The key is not to judge it, just to observe and then tweak your plans. Find out what you’re overlooking in yourself.

We all have amazing things to offer, but if we fail to value what we have, no one else can either.

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