How To Become Freed of

The Wheel of Reincarnation


Very often we may hear about or recollect the various past lives of others and ourselves perhaps in places like ancient Egypt, ancient Atlantis, ancient Lemuria or even other planets. The exploration of reincarnation is fascinating for many to remember previous identities they had in different past lives that reveal where some of our tendencies come from. In spite of all the interest the question is little explored: What is the deeper reason for us reincarnating?  And how do we break free from reincarnating?

From my understanding in practicing an advanced form of out of body travel I have learned from viewing what are called the Soul Records (A brief explanation- (different then Akashic records) that the first and foremost secret of transcending reincarnation is to admit to ourselves that we are not yet free of the wheel of life; Or are we?

If we do not know for certain if we are or are not spiritually free then we may likely not take vital steps to remedy the situation.

Here is a video about a Past Life in Ancient Egypt and About How to End Reincarnation-

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Part 1

Contrary to popular opinion and perhaps being a bit controversial the experience from my exploration and studies of different heavens the vast majority of dogmas and gurus frequent what is like the Disney land of all heavens called the Astral plane. One day while walking down 42nd street in Manhattan a friend commented on how all the drama, flash and sparkle of the sights that grab ones attention so dramatically reminded him of the astral plane.  Soul can experience ecstasies of this glorious astral heaven (and mental heavens) that give the joy of heavenly wonders and helpful astral faculties like clairvoyance but yet something is missing.

The astral plane and causal plane right above it are in fact heavens so vast being larger then the physical universe with its planets, galaxies and universes that it is very easy to get lost in them. Or equally challenging it is incredibly easy to mistake a lower heaven in the astral plane or mental plane for a much higher dimensional heaven.

From my understanding from out of body travel the brutal truth is that Soul can incarnate for a very, very long time if it is not careful. The wheel of reincarnation is called the wheel of eighty four because it has what are called 84 lacs which is a very long measurement of time.

According to Paul Twitchell he has said in the Eck Vidya, “There is the accelerated way of getting through this karma so that one does not have to spend his time in a round of births and deaths.” P. 17 The Eck Vidya. This accelerated way today is a way of learning out of body tuza travel under a spiritual traveler’s guidance to higher heavens where Soul becomes spiritually free.

This way personally reminds me of or is somewhat reminiscent of the Master apprentice style relationship in the film “Star Wars”. In this way just like Obi-wan would give his student personal inner guidance and spiritual training, Spiritual Travelers work with their students by teaching them step by step to learn a more advanced form of out of body travel (not to be confused with astral projection) to travel in Soul to higher heavenly planes. They likewise acquire skills to become spiritual masters themselves in this lifetime or the next and not in the never never land of after world or some distant never to be seen incarnation. The Spiritual Travelers however have No interest in social reform, religion, politics, war, or magic tricks like they do in Star Wars but instead they only desire that the individual return to God an awakened coworker with God.

By learning out of body travel then the student can have an advanced spiritual education in the various heavens. Instead of being all talk he learns to live in action, in being and in realization. In this apprenticeship he has divine assistance to resolve his lower worlds karma to finally come to the end of a very long road on the wheel of 84 to become a direct conscious Coworker with God.

Here Is A Video Of Insights of A Spiritual Traveler About Karma and Reincarnation

Karma and Reincarnation part 1

Contrary to popular opinion the lower worlds (earth and lower heavens) are not places of spiritual freedom. From my experience only so many thousands of issues and lives can be resolved using regression therapies or spiritual healing techniques. Even if one were to resolve hundreds of thousands of lives or core issues or more it would never end because Soul can incarnate for a very long time. I have found from my own experience that I had to find a very highly advanced Spiritual Traveler who is himself a matrix which God uses to clear all worldly and lower heaven karma during a period of learning out of body tuza travel to higher and higher levels of heaven.

This is in essence that we have the opportunity to reach spiritual Mastership and work with God directly. Many attempt to break free spiritually from the lower worlds with the use of books, astral travel, prayer, meditation and so forth on their own but from my understanding this is often difficult if not nearly impossible because there are so many obstacles and traps in the lower heavens. Even if we preconceive we are free often we learn later we are not as free as we preconceived. Therefore it is my understanding that working with a Master traveler whose consciousness is centered in the God plane beyond time and space is the most direct route to spiritual freedom to break the reincarnation cycle

So if one were to ask: What is the deeper reason for us reincarnating? From my perspective it would be that all of our experiences and past lifetimes were like many spiritual educational steps along the way to have a divine education to become God’s conscious and direct coworker throughout eternity.



By- Sra Heather Giamboi
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