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Now the question for all of us to ponder is here with a resounding BOOM! How do we integrate all that we have learned (from the past six to twelve months) about our old selves into the newly formed and revered new self? If you can glance in the mirror each morning and truly look into your eyes and heart at what you see and feel, you might notice the changes that swept over you with your own recent events, whether personal or professional, or relational, or perhaps in silent retreat. The authentic way to feel the response of what has been mulling over in the heavens is to take a step back, allow the process to unfold in your body, and notice if it is the direction your heart wants to take. If not, start over and try again. Falling down and getting back up is probably the most important leap into the new person staring back at you in the mirror. Without the presence of failure, we would never know what a mountain top feels like. Without the obstacles in our way, we might never know how to take responsibility. Without the feelings of wanting to give up, we could never sense the ability or action to keep going. It takes so much work to be who you want to be, and it may take years or lifetimes, but when you reach your true essence, you will know it. There will be no more struggles. Things fall into place and your Divine flow is ever present. The world simply looks more beautiful because you are in it and have given your best to be part of it and help others along the way. Before you can feel and understand the metamorphosis of your being, you have to absorb everything and why it makes your skin crawl or your gut get fired up. There are no shortcuts or backing away from becoming a fully present heart. It takes desire and a total unbridled love of self.

This integration time is no picnic, nor is it to be taken lightly. Treading with our hearts wide open is an extremely delicate process. How we behave with others and ourselves is always up for the perception of the world to either accept or reject. We have no control over the outcome, only to remain true to our souls and the path it has chosen to follow. Looking back on where you were this past year-or many years before that- and bringing forth the learning and allowing into today, it is a mighty big step towards the integration of self with the world. We may have a few trickling idiosyncrasies from the old behaviors that emerge into the new self, but rest assured, with practice and patience the fresh person you came to be is a welcomed moment. The timing of all this transcendence is the Universe stepping in and throwing her hands up and saying “we are ready and let’s change some things.” She never stomps her feet in surrender, but willfully and honestly decides that the way we have been for so long needed a major overhaul. It might take eons, but the oomph to try and try some more has been heard.  10304346_1437219129878321_9063400342328145565_n

Take care of your heart. Take walks in nature. Sit in stillness and listen to your breath. Be gentle with your process, as any rush or stress will perpetuate more of the same. You have to hear the calling in your soul. You have to desire it. Your intuition can tell if you need it or not. Yoga and the health of the body move all the spiritual energy around and will ignite the synapses to get everything flowing in the proper way. Toss perfection out the window. I had to come to a major understanding of this, as it served its purpose for much of my first half of life. I don’t think I fought it as much as I accepted it. Now that I can embrace each day not being exactly as I had planned it, I find that peace and contentment come more freely. I will let go of what I thought would be the outcome and simply roll with the punches as they come. My personal integration has been a whirlwind of plenty, but one I wouldn’t trade for the world. While things are up in the air and you are spinning several plates at once, the balance comes when a full letting go happens. Then you are able to witness where your heart pings and start energetically manifesting the new you in order to eventually swallow up the old you. It takes time, and it takes so much love. Some days don’t come easy, and that is the beauty of the integration process. Waking up one day and feeling entirely different, responding from a place of your deeply personal and compassionate self (as you were born to be), requires nurturing and rest. If you were to think about wild animals and how they inherently behave, their consciousness being so raw and honest and real, we would mimic their behavior and disallow the judgment and hatred to be present in our lives. The wild has no place for this. Every animal has integrity, and knows instantly what to do with their space and energy and motivation in any instant. We were born the same way, and we are now returning to that primal essence of our personal selves. If we were to sidestep the overall undertaking, it would upset the balance of nature and would be forced, rather than being in the Divine flow.

heartwindowBe good to your self during this time. What we leave for our children and many generations to come, as well as the great Mother Earth, can be a world of truly remarkable and powerful beings. It is up to our sincere efforts to integrate the old with the new, and to continue marching towards a planet that is sustainable and energetically loving and peaceful.


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