With front row seats at the edge of space and time comes a great responsibility to yourself and the whole of the universe, cosmos and every living thing that inhabits it.

Living in harmony with the natural, light giving, love breathing flow of energy that you are made of is an art and skill that comes with an awakening to, and sensitivity for your position in this matrix of existence that you have chosen to be a part of.

Your energies merge with the energies around you. Your thoughts send ripples of love and hope, or fear and anger into the ether, affecting everything in their path and most importantly adding to and enhancing the collective consciousness of this planet. So with this new found perspective of responsibility comes a totally new approach to dealing with your own energetic fields, your own flow…Your thoughts, words and deeds, as well as the condition of your bodies, your home and any other space you inhabit.

Clearing and Cleansing Your Physical Space

Clutter around you creates stagnant energy which prevents flows of positively charged energy from moving freely around your home, office and the spaces you inhabit. Your body holds onto negative thought patterns, cluttering your chakras with dense dark patches which prevent your own energies from being balanced, harmonious and free flowing. Often these clusters can form physical darkness in the form of illness and dis-ease.

This is why cleansing and taking responsibility for your space, your bodies, and your own energetic fields is not only a matter of self-worth, self-respect and self-preservation but a matter of the continued existence of the entire universe. 

Your thoughts and feelings affect everyone and everything around you. Be your best, grow and glow your light and therefore better the lives of everyone.

Here are my favourite five ways to keep the flow of positive energy around the home, office and Self:

Daily Habit 1. Listening to chakra clearing music or music that resonates with the frequency of relaxed concentration and flow.

I find this especially helpful in stressful situations or on crazy busy days where my thoughts and actions tempt me to run away into a whirlwind of chaos.

Listening to soothing, soul speaking music helps to centre your body, to clear your mind and to re-align your conscious and subconscious minds to your heart.

I love chill fm www.helpmechill.com as it ‘s eclectic mix of beautiful sounds inspires and soothes me.

I am also a fan of Doreen Virtues Chakra Clearing App which is free, is broken down into the 7 different chakra centres and provides a calming guided meditation for morning and evening. A fantastic start and finish to the day. Find it in the iTunes App store. Or check out her book here Chakra Clearing


Daily Habit 2. Dance about your day. Even in public you can subtly go about your daily tasks with a sense of flow and rhythm. Imagine yourself swimming and gliding though the matrix of energies around you, with every step of inspired action you send out powerful light shining energies into the atmosphere around you and you literally dance with the beauty of life.

At home or whenever you are in private, this is even more spine-tingling amazing as you can literally dance around your home or space and fill your mind, body and surroundings with buzzing, abundance filled light energy that will manifest into your life in such beautiful ways…


storage3Daily Habit 3. Keep your home de-cluttered and organised. Love your possessions and respect and appreciate the energy they are made from. Give everything a home to live in. This not only makes it easier for energies to flow freely and positively charged around your living space, it makes tidying and carrying out household chores much easier and efficient allowing you more time to do the things you love!

I suggest you surround yourself with pretty boxes, tubs, baskets and all kinds of storage containers for all of your material possessions; this fills your house with gorgeousness and gives everything a home~ I’m a Taurean and love beautiful things so this really helps me when an urge to hoard comes to play! Pinterest has some fantastic ideas

Which leads me to the “no go” of hoarding unnecessary items! Yes we all do it. Letting go of material possessions is something our culture can find quite difficult. Be it for ration purposes or sentimental reasons, the importance we put on our earthly possessions is far greater than it needs to be.

Holding onto items that no longer serve a purpose, prevents new things coming into your life and stops the energy from flowing freely. Recycle old clothes, furniture, toys, shoes and anything that has not been used for 6 months and make space for new, vibrant and exciting things to take their place.


Life is a cycle, energy needs to move so get rid of the old

and make way for the new

Yoga pose in natureDaily Habit 4.  Keep yourself feeling fresh and alive. Drink lots of mineral water. Avoid tap water as its fluoride content has been proven to calcify your pineal gland, affecting the clarity of your third eye and your ability to see Truth. Breathe deeply often, allowing the cleansing oxygen to work its magic around your body.

Eat fresh, organic and high vibrating foods that nurture your soul as well as your body. And move lots! Show your body it is needed and appreciated, get the energy and blood and oxygen and endorphins running around your body as much as possible and feel alive! Sedentary lifestyles cause stagnant energies in your body. Get outside, breathe in some fresh air and get your flow on!


Daily Habit 5. Keep yourself grounded. Don’t live in your head. Take time to feel the ground beneath your feet. Center yourself by feeling the force of gravity pulling you down and preventing you from flying off into space. Know that you are one with the Earth.

We spend much of our time floating around in our heads. Caught up in the whirlwind of thoughts, visions, worries, anticipations or memories of our life story. When you are grounded, connected to the Earth and re-member that you are a part of Her, then you can go about your day empowered, strong and breathing beautiful life energy with every step.

Be conscious, aware of and connected to the intricate and perfectly formed energy matrix that you are a part of. When you feel connected you cannot help but feel love for yourself and Life around you.


Take responsibility for your energies and try your best to reduce the negativity in the world by getting out of your head and contributing light, joyful, honest, compassionate and kind vibrations that come from your heart…

Enjoying the sun

When times are hard and this just seems like an impossible task (which I am all too familiar with!), make sure you have tricks and tools in place to help bring you back up to light flow again. I have put together a little “Survival Kit” to feeling fab! It’s my free gift to you when you sign up to my newsletter and can be found over at www.LionEyesLife.co.uk .


~ Have the courage, vision and passion to dance your life to the sounds of your Soul. Flow with your unique light and shine it for all to see~

Love & Light to you All,



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