That place where all beings began and all beings live is the only home we can ever know in our soul. It is a lightness, a calmness, a richness, and a wellspring of goodness. We started out with every healthy tool to love, to forgive, to honor, to respect, and to cherish. The heavenly cosmic activity continually beckons us to seek what our hearts are asking. “Am I wild enough to remain true to myself?” “Is this my path, or someone else’s who has a constant pull on my heart?” These questions remain in unanswered parts of ourselves. We are banishing the old authority and the old ways of things that just don’t fit any more. We are busting out of our ruts and past patterning and answering the call of our wild natures. What an amazing time to be present on this earth and to call out what we need and desire.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”…..a beautiful and resonating quote by Mary Oliver. The only person we need to be held accountable to is ourselves and the Higher Power that gave us this dear sweet life. How we live it is ours to uphold. How we move and breathe and offer up who we are and our mission in this world is essential and unique. To be wild and free doesn’t mean eliminating people and places that have never held a special bond within our souls. It means we continually treasure every single thing in this tapestry of life, for each person and place meant something, or we would not have experienced it in a way that continues to resonate.


Being wild and free is an enigmatic symbol for our innate spirits. We are shining and feeling and out there, in every possible way. I liken it to the wolf and the essential nature of their presence in our lives. Wolves are loyal, devoted, true to themselves, architects of the landscape, hunters for their family, and above all, they are composed of nothing but love from all areas of their essence. They are wild, free, and hold no judgments towards life and living. We are very much like the wolf, allowing ourselves to be scarred and downtrodden at times, yet never giving up. All past behaviors guide us into the present, but if we constantly ruminate on old stuff, it will simply continue to bring up old stuff until the unfinished business is complete. The wolf must keep going. We can maintain our integrity and honesty by adapting to the wildness and free nature that we all possess. We mustn’t lose it. Ever. It is not an age thing. It is not a job thing. It is not a where-do-you-live thing. It is a blueprint thing; the soul diagram that was charted from the moment we were born.

If you choose to have that insane and crazy desire in experiencing all that life has to offer, these are a few tidbits to digest and possibly enact:

-Listen and observe and be a part of nature, every day. Go outside, whenever and wherever suits your fancy and allows you the chance to soak in the Universal goodness of the outdoors. The trees, the ocean, the bugs, the flowers, the sounds, the sky, all of it matters.

-Play like a child. Let it rip! Let your imagination run wild. Try not to hold back in what makes your heart sing on any given day. And who cares how old you are! Age has nothing to do with the inner child and being silly and carefree.

-Create. Make magic. Whether writing poetry or painting on a canvas or cooking in the kitchen, right down to your Facebook status updates, make your art count with a purpose. It is your own and it is your opportunity to shine and be who you are.

-Be light. Tread lightly. Be kind and gentle with your heart. This lightness that surrounds us all gives us the talent to run wild and free. This lilt in our spirits needs to remain intact, despite any world heaviness that tends to plague us. We can observe, listen, and be compassionate, yet it is our individual light that shares our gifts to each other and the Universe.

So, a big WOW and YES to living wild and free! We have this one precious life, and it is up to us to make a difference with our hearts and our spirit. Now, go…..And have some fun!

Have the Courage to Say Yes

Have the Courage to Say Yes

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