Messages from the “Other Side” can come in many different ways. In this blog, I am talking specifically about messages from deceased loved ones, human and animal.

These messages are different from those sent from one’s Guardian Angels, spirit guides, extraterrestrial messages and the like. These messages are from humans and animals who lived and loved you in your current life. Spirit guides may have lived with you in a different life, but as spirit guides they interact with you differently. Spirit guide relationships are unique.

When one receives messages from guides or angels, they are usually received as ‘epiphanies,’ or those “aha!” moments. They come out of the blue and you just realize something you sort of know to be true. Or they can come from angel cards, when talking to angels. That is  avery direct answer.

But when you are getting messages from the deceased, they tend to come in special ways. I will list some examples.

Lights and Electric Malfunctions

One of the most common ways people know the Other Side is in touch with them is with changes in lights or electrical appliances. Usually a malfunction or flickering. Lights turn on and off. Clocks suddenly stop. Your phone with a full battery shuts off randomly. Keep in mind, these don’t always mean your Grandmother is in the house spiritually. These can be normal. But if you’ve had Grandma in mind lately, and you suddenly want to look through that photo album, and then the electrical appliances start to act funny it’s a strong possibility.

Many times, people associate the flickering of lights with demons. This is not always the case, you really have to check all the sings to know if there is a low-vibrational being interacting with you.

Physical Representation of Memories

What I mean by “physical representation” is memories alone are not enough to be a sign of messages from deceased loved ones. But if you see a picture that reminds you of an exact memory, or an email the deceased sent a long time ago, and these signs are popping out of nowhere, then you may have a sign. They often come as a surprise– the photo was on the bookshelf, but now it’s suddenly on the table next to you. You were looking for an email from your sister, but your grandfather’s first email to you (with none of the same keywords) popped up. Things like that are nice messages to let you know you are not alone 🙂

Physical Sensations

Another one of the common ways you may be receiving messages is with actual physical sensations involving the five senses- seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, feeling. The most common example of this is smelling perfume. Like anything else, it’s not necessarily accurate since perfume can still be there. But if your intuition is signaling you, then you’ve got another sign.

I received a physical sign from my cat, when I felt him sitting on my bed. This was my deceased cat, not any of my current cats, because I was in a hotel room. I nudged the lump with my foot lightly, and it remained. It felt just like my passed-on cat. When I looked down, there was no physical evidence there.

In closing, the best way to know if any message from the other side is accurate is to use your intuition to tell you.

I hope this helps you, my friends!


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