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Processing corporate paperwork, I was struck by a policy of declaring everyone “male by default” if a prefix of Mr., Mrs., or Ms. wasn’t selected.  Why is it male by default?  Why not female by default?  Who decided the “generic person” is a man?

These arbitrary assignments of personhood are jarring in a culture awakening to Aquarian values.  Putting aside the resurgence of the Divine Feminine and a waning in male-centric thinking and policy, the most intriguing words were “by default.”

“Do we regard our sex as an important choice we made and wonder why – or do we think of our physical bodies as random acts of nature?”

When we reincarnate into the Physical Realm, all the details are considered.  We examine different possibilities to find a particular path of soul growth or karmic balancing.  We choose the astrological sign of our birth to have the necessary qualities for success.  Our lineage may also be a matter of choice, allowing us to reincarnate with others from our soul group or to have desired inherited traits.  If such minutiae are itemized, it’s ridiculous to think our sex assignment would be a matter of default!

It’s an exercise in self-discovery to ponder our specific attachment to our sex and contemplate how being male or female has facilitated our life’s work.  Do we regard our sex as an important choice we made and wonder why – or do we think of our physical bodies as random acts of nature?  Finding the answer can shed light on the courses of our lives and what adjustments may be necessary.

Many Lightworkers who incarnated to assist with healing during the millennial shift chose to be women.  Transpersonal healing has a long history of being a woman’s arena, and this is a comfortable fit for many healers today whose souls have experienced lifetimes as wise women, shamans, herbalists, and mystics.  Those with strong leadership and communicative skills are also taking shape as women in the modern world to bring feminine balance back to government, education, and industry.

Silhouette of a man meditating on a seashoreMen have chosen to act in society as nontraditional catalysts for change, such as Mahatma Gandhi or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who advocated for nonviolent (feminine) resistance to oppression.  Some modern men are helping to reshape gender roles by being stay-at-home dads, helping with household work, and encouraging their daughters to see limitless possibilities for women in society.

Members of the LGBT community find themselves at the center of a broad social and spiritual conversation in which concepts of love, family, respect, morality, and equality are being reexamined.  Persons who question, reshape, or redefine gender in their lives broaden the spectrum of what is possible in the human experience.

“Male or female, your body, your life, and your Self are sacred, Divinely fashioned for your unique purpose.”

What is special for you about being male or female, and how can this knowledge guide you on your spiritual path?  How does gender influence the selection and performance of your life’s work?

In Hindu mythos, the Divine Masculine is the principle which creates and the Divine Feminine is the expression or creation of divinity.  There is a masculine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva who create, sustain, and destroy.  The corresponding feminine trinity of Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Durga are repositories of knowledge, wealth, and power.  Together, these parts create a totality of Deity, the Goddess representing material reality (including mental, emotional, and physical processes) which changes over time, and God representing spiritual reality which remains untouched by time.  (Pattanaik, 2003)

In vibrational medicine, the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras are called “the feminine chakras” because they are magnetic.  The throat, brow, and crown chakras are referred to as “the masculine chakras” because their energy is radiant.  The left side of the body is considered feminine and receptive, while the right is masculine and transmits.

“How do we see god/masculine and goddess/feminine concepts reflected in human cultures and social groups today?”

yinyang5There is equality, balance, and worthiness among all of these deific representations and energetic functions, as each is vital to create and sustain life.  How do we see these god/masculine and goddess/feminine concepts reflected in human cultures and social groups today?

For me, being female means possessing an innate creative womb, the electric emotional counterpart of the physical womb.  As a woman, I can be a crucible into which many seemingly disparate elements are placed to be fired into a new creation – conjoined, melded, or transmuted into fundamental particles that may be borne again with ingenious novelty.  It is also about the feminine power of magnetic manifestation, the ability to draw people, situations, and opportunities along energetic pathways charged with the emotive qualities of a woman’s heart.

As a healer, I sense that my woman’s body is beautifully fitted to serve as a channel for the Divine energy of Reiki.  I draw down the vibrations from Father Sky, call up from the deeps the healing resonances of Mother Earth, combine them in my heart, and offer the Divine Signature in its completion from my hands.  As a Daughter of the Earth, my work is to nurture, sustain, and help others withstand the sometimes violent storm of birthing to usher in life anew.

As you question why you chose a specific gender for this lifetime, you will uncover answers that advance your soul’s journey.  If you wonder what the higher work of your soul should be, examining how you are made and why will illuminate the masculine and feminine aspects of your innate Self.

Whether masculine or feminine, male or female, know always that your body, your life, and your Self are sacred, Divinely fashioned for your unique purpose.  We have each of us chosen to be here in this way because it fit perfectly with our souls’ designs.  As you stop to savor blessings along your path, appreciate that the way in which you experience all things is an intimate function of united body, mind, and spirit.  Each and every body is a separate and holy expression of our Creator.

Reference:  Devdutt Pattanaik, Indian Mythology, Inner Traditions:  Rochester, VT, 2003.


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