love birds and conscious relationships


This morning I awoke to find one of my cats eating something dead on the floor. I saw an infant baby bird (a nestling- no feathers or open eyes!) next to him. Clearly he had eaten the poor siblings. Life is a delicate balance, is it not?

Not fully knowing what to do, I instantly grabbed the nestling in my bare hands and walked around. I had no idea where the nest was. I had a body with a life with me, and I wanted to save him.

After minutes of thinking, I made a makeshift nest of grasses in a basket. I placed Steven (yes, I named him) in the basket and put it on a bush in the open. It was hot so I placed oak leaves over him for shade. After a while I needed to stop by CVS, and afterward I’d be leaving for 8 hours to go to an event. I needed to help the poor baby keep his life!

I moved his nest to the ground under a tree. Not my most brilliant move.

When I came home (after 15 minutes) ants were all over his basket. And his body! I grabbed the basket and removed him. I dusted the ants off and helped him. But I had to leave to my event. I needed something…

I put him in blankets in a cardboard box, with a towel over it, in the shade of an old tree house. Shady, ant less, and cozy. Yes!

But I could not drop water into his mouth or feed him any food for 8 hours. I had to have faith.

While an hour away from home, I had some down time. Before the event I was reading Doreen Virtue’s “Angel Therapy Guidebook” and I notices the name of Archangel Ariel, who handles the health of animals. I prayed to God and communicated to Archangel Ariel to heal Steven. She assured me she was keeping him safe, and if his time came she would help him leave his body.

I came home when it was dark. Really dark. I checked the box, assuming to find a little lifeless body.

Wrong! I found a squirming little nestling, bald as ever. I excited wrapped him up and took him upstairs. Now he has a drawer in my nightstand to himself with a heating pad and fort of towels surrounding him.

The angels and God heard my prayers and concerns, and saved the life of my little nestling! I am constantly blown away by the Love and Compassion of the celestial beings on the other side… Thank you, God! Thank you, Archangel Ariel! Thank you, faeries!

He has been fed, watered, and ‘done his business.’

Don’t be alarmed- I am not trying to keep Steven. He is going to a rehabilitation center tomorrow. He is just being taken care of while he needs it.

Everyone needs a second mom to keep them from becoming cat food, right? 😉

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